Assistant Project Manager Hall Construction

About the Job


Charles Hall Construction LLC


Philadelphia, PA


The Assistant Project Manager (APM) is responsible for the overall coordination, control, completion and close-out of the assigned project(s). The APM is responsible for fulfilling all of CHC’s contractual obligations to the client, and doing so in a way that promotes future work with the client. The APM is expected to have excellent organizational, communication and management skills. This is a step to prepare for a project leadership position within CHC.


  1. Assist the Project Manager or Senior Project Manager in managing the relationship with Owner and Architect.
  2. Assist in managing internal project team to ensure that contractual obligations are being met and project team is functioning as an efficient business unit.
  3. Manage external project team of sub-contractors and vendors as assigned by the PM or SPM. Through frequent field inspections, ensure that all sub-contractors and vendors are performing in compliance with their contractual obligations and CHC’s high quality standards. Provide leadership to sub-contractors and vendors to promote a productive and efficient project team.
  4. The APM is responsible for preparing the monthly project metrics reporting to upper management.
  5. Maintain the master project schedule. Update schedule and present to the Owner and project team no less than monthly. The Master project schedule is to be coordinated with the submittal and material delivery schedules no less than monthly to ensure timely coordination.
  6. Manage project delay log, review with the Owner & Architect on the weekly coordination calls and present delay change orders to client on a monthly basis.
  7. Write Scopes of Work for sub-contracts and purchase orders as assigned.
  8. Negotiate all sub-contracts and purchase orders with sub-contractors and vendors as assigned by PM or SPM.
  9. Create and maintain project submittal log based on requirements of project specifications. Manage submittal process with Sub-Contractors/Vendors, Design Team, and Project Coordinator based on project schedule requirements.
  10. Create and maintain project purchasing schedule based on master project schedule. Assist PM and SPM to purchase all trade packages in accordance with the purchasing schedule to ensure that all materials/equipment arrive on site when needed.
  11. Assist the PM or SPM in maintaining the project cost report based upon contract Schedule of Values. Use project cost report to track all committed costs, uncommitted costs, as well as cost exposures to provide an accurate and real time projection of project P&L. Submit updated cost report to Accounting Department by the 5th of each month.
  12. Create and maintain a project Issues Log, which lists all potential Owner cost exposures. Present Issues Log to Owner during the weekly coordination meeting and promptly follow up with all associated change orders.
  13. Review monthly sub-contractor pay applications with Project Coordinator/Accountant prior to pay applications being submitted to Owner for payment.
  14. Participate and assist the superintendent in the weekly job-site trade meetings and documenting meeting minutes.
  15. Participate in the weekly conference calls with Owner & Architect.
  16. Assist the PM or SPM in maintaining project cash flow reports. Update the cash flow reports monthly and submit to Controller by the 5th of each month.
  17. Manage the document management process with the Project Coordinator to ensure that all project team members are updated with all contract documents as well as all document changes/updates. Review documents in the field weekly and update as necessary.
  18. Assist the PM or SPM in coordinating with Owner’s marketing/sales team for on-site sales operations. Work the with the project superintendent to establish strict guidelines for the Owner’s sales team that are consistent with Village codes/ordinances as well as general life safety practices.
  19. Oversee jobsite progress to ensure contract completion dates are being met. Work with PM or SPM to make schedule adjustments periodically as required based on field conditions, winter conditions, etc.
  20. Provide support to Project Superintendent as needed for issues such as non-performing sub-contractors, Village inspectors, Union officials, etc.
  21. Estimate and negotiate sub-contract change orders for all extra work.
  22. Responsible for the timely completion of the project close out process.
  23. The APM will need to be in the office part-time, but will be required to be on-site full time at minimum 30 working days prior to the schedule Certificate of Occupancy date. Review quality of work in place, as well as compliance with contract documents. Document any findings daily in a running punch-list and follow up with subcontractors and vendors to make sure all items have been corrected.
  24. Assist the PM or SPM in coordinating with Owner/Architect on State inspection/licensing process. Apply lessons learned from previous projects to make licensing process as seamless as possible.
  25. Starting 90 days from the scheduled certificate of occupancy date, coordinate with the Owner for building turnover and installation of Owner supplied equipment and systems. Coordinate the dates of move-in with all inspections and final testing.


  1. Model schedule & cost trends for use in estimating/planning for future projects.
  2. Gather lessons learned from current projects and incorporate into the planning/purchasing of the next projects.
  3. Meet periodically with PM/SPM and the Controller to review profitability projections of projects and the relative impact on CHC’s financial goals/projections.
  4. Business Development. Always have client satisfaction in mind while interacting with the client.


  1. The position of APM is to develop the following areas of expertise to then become a Project Manager :
  2. Working knowledge in the following computer software programs:
    1. P6(or similar scheduling software)
    2. Microsoft Excel
    3. Microsoft Word
    4. Microsoft Outlook
    5. Procore
    6. Internet Explorer