Commercial Roofing Estimator

About the Job


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Position Purpose and Objectives

A roofing estimator is responsible for bidding, selling and managing roofing projects.

  • Prepare accurate, timely estimates for potential jobs based on expertise
  • Develop and maintain strategic relationships
  • Manage projects for customer satisfaction, profitability and future process improvements

Department: Administrative  Direct Supervisor: General Manager
Employment Status: Exempt (salaried)

Specific Duties, Functions and Responsibilities

  • Know and stay abreast of design requirements, codes and materials; use expertise to prepare accurate and competitive proposals and contracts
  • Review and understand scope of work and project specifications
  • Analyze blueprints, specifications, proposals and other documentation to prepare time, cost and labor estimates for products, projects or services
  • Review data to determine material and labor requirements and prepare itemized lists
  • Compute cost factors and prepare estimates used for management purposes such as planning, organizing and scheduling work; preparing bids; selecting vendors or subcontractors; and determining cost effectiveness
  • Develop labor estimates for potential jobs
  • Use established labor and material markups for overhead and profit
  • Interface with individuals in the organization to obtain support and commitment to the cost estimates
  • Develop and maintain relationships with manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and customers to strategically approach jobs and purchases
  • Consult with clients, vendors or other individuals to discuss and formulate estimates and resolve issues
  • Secure required equipment/material process as required
  • Document customer feedback in job files
  • Identify material cost trends to assist management in cost reduction and process improvement
  • Identify and pursue potential business
  • Be responsive to the needs of existing and potential customers
  • Track, manage and debrief all projects
  • Analyze completed projects to compare estimated costs to actual costs and determine reasons for discrepancies
  • Maintain accurate, complete and organized files
  • Maintain job communication for change-order management with field personnel
  • Follow up on outstanding estimates as required or assigned by the general manager
  • Process manufacturer warranties
  • Review jobs after close-out to determine overall job performance

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Work Skills – Estimators must exhibit technical and management skills necessary to bid, sell and manage roof system installations.

  • Effective communication –Ability to convey information, concepts and concerns to people with differing communication styles
  • Technology – Ability to use phones, tablets and other technology tools
  • Analysis – Ability to read and interpret blueprints and specifications; collect and research data, and use intuition and experience to complement information
  • Roof system knowledge – Knowledge of various roof systems, materials, construction processes and theories; ability to design a roof system; desire to stay abreast of codes and other necessary information
  • Safety and security – Ability to identify, correct and report unsafe conditions according to company and OSHA standards:
  • Quality – Knowledge to inspect and ensure attention to detail and quality
  • Productivity – Demonstrate the ability to meet and exceed productivity standards; works quickly and accurately
  • Budgeting – Ability to understand implications of change orders and loss/gain production on job budgets
  • Cost consciousness – Understand budgeting and implications to jobs

Relational Interaction – Estimators must be able to thrive in a dynamic, interactive company environment as well as develop and maintain relationships outside the company

  • Customer service – Seek to help customers even in difficult situations; seek to maintain customer relationships
  • Problem solving – Understand complex problems and make decisions to benefit everyone as much as possible

Leadership, Management and Teamwork – Estimators must be able to work well with others within and outside of the company system.

  • Leadership –Exert informal leadership with individuals at all levels of a company as well as customers, vendors, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors
  • Management – Ability to juggle schedules, details and outcomes; prioritize and plan work activities; use time efficiently
  • Teamwork – Ability to work with others to accomplish goals; balance team and individual responsibilities; give and welcome feedback

Education and Experience

Essential (The following items are essential for applicants to possess.)

  • Minimum of three (3) years estimating experience in the commercial roofing industry
  • English fluency
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Be able to core a roof
  • Ability to use/learn business technologyPreferred
  • Familiarity maintaining a bid calendar

Physical Requirements

These physical demands are representative of the physical requirements necessary for an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the job. Reasonable accommodation can be made to enable people with disabilities to perform the described essential functions.

  • Able to lift/carry tools when required for the job
  • Able to climb / carry ladders



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