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The primary function of the Project Manager is to buy out and manage one or more projects from commencement through final completion.  The Project Manager is responsible and accountable for the overall success or failure of the project.  The responsibilities include safety, financial and paper liability also oversees any other miscellaneous projects that may arise and generally coordinates with the Project Superintendent on each project. The Project Manager is responsible for all activities leading to the successful, timely and safe completion of the project.



Bachelor’s Degree in construction related field highly preferred.

High School Diploma or equivalent.


Proven experience in multi-family and/or residential construction management, including scheduling and contract supervision. Commercial building experience a plus.

Ability to use independent judgment when performing and scheduling construction activities and initiative when interacting with the daily challenges of this position.

Proficient in Microsoft Office including Outlook, Word, Excel and Power Point.

Special Requirements

High level of Accountability – will hold themselves and others to the highest level of the Buckingham standards.

Excellent organizational and time management skills including ability to multitask, prioritize and meet changing deadlines.

Results oriented and solution focused.

Excellent internal and external customer service skills.

Transparency, reporting and sharing of information effectively across all departments.

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Additional Requirements

Familiar with all Owner\’s requirements, contracts, work scopes, purchase orders and OSHA construction safety standards.

Ability to lift up to 100 pounds.



  • Accurately enter all data from Job Start Checklists into Buildertrend.
  • Update schedules on a daily basis and include any information on variances as necessary.
  • Maintain all construction activities in accordance with the established Buildertrend template.
  • Proactively communicate with trade partners and suppliers to ensure they are meeting schedule requirements and resolve any issues as necessary.
  • Provide job variance information updates on a weekly basis.

Materials Management

  • Promptly report material variances to the Controller and Purchasing Agent.
  • Properly store all materials to guard against theft or damage.
  • Document and communicate information regarding back orders or delivery delays, and follow-up until all items are received.

Trade Partner Management

  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with trade partners.
  • Ensure trade partners understand and adhere to established Scopes of Work, schedules, quality standards and safety standards.
  • Promptly communicate any non-performance issues to the Construction and, if necessary, assist with terminations.
  • Ensure Trade Partner Packages are complete before work begins on job sites.
  • Review Scopes of Work with all new trade partners.
  • Handle any conflicts with trade partners promptly and fairly.
  • Solicit feedback from trade partners on methods of improving processes, systems and construction techniques.
  • Provide feedback to trade partners regarding recurring customer care issues.


  • Ensure all site personnel fully comply with Cobblestone’s safety standards as well as OSHA standards.
  • Continuously monitor job sites for safety compliance by all team members and trade partners, and address any safety issues immediately.
  • Ensure any job site accidents are properly documented and handled.
  • Conduct random safety checks to ensure trade partners have first aid kits, MSDS sheets, OSHA safety plans, and any other required items.
  • Maintain first aid kits, MSDS, OSHA safety plans, and any other required items in vehicles at all times.

Job Site Management

  • Monitor and maintain the cleanliness and appearance of all homes under construction and related signage.
  • When building in subdivisions, monitor construction sites to ensure access to models and inventory homes, trash removal, organization and neatness of construction materials, and location of site equipment.
  • Install and maintain walkboards and driveway barricades for all homes under construction.
  • Ensure job site construction debris is removed in accordance with company standards on a daily basis.
  • Establish and maintain proper erosion control on available lots and lots under construction where applicable.
  • Ensure all homes under construction are properly secured when unoccupied.
  • Ensure all temporary heat, sump pumps, and windows are properly utilized to protect homes during construction.

Quality Control

  • At each stage of construction, ensure all homes are clean, that finished surfaces are protected, and that homes are ready for the next phase.
  • Understand and ensure adherence to all specifications, selections, and details during all phases of construction.
  • Maintain current knowledge of all applicable building code requirements.
  • Monitor every home under construction on a daily basis to check construction status and quality.
  • Perform routine checks at critical stages using the appropriate Quality Control checklists and provide updated forms to Director of Customer Care for tracking on Buildertrend.
  • Walk inventory homes once per week to ensure they are clean and well-maintained.
  • Ensure material deliveries are accurate regarding quality, quantity, and specifications, and communicate any discrepancies to suppliers and the purchasing agent.
  • Ensure specifications on selection sheets are followed and installed accordingly.
  • When customer selections are changed and approved, ensure they are properly documented and communicated to all effected parties.
  • Complete and submit documentation for all items noted on the Three Person Quality Control Walk-Throughs prior to Orientation.
  • Complete and submit documentation for all items on Homeowner Walkthrough lists prior to Orientation.
  • Complete and submit documentation for all items on Outside Inspection lists prior to Orientation.
  • Identify and communicate any recurring quality problems.

Customer Care

  • Conduct all performance walk-throughs in accordance with the established agendas.
  • Complete open items from performance walk-throughs within 14 days.
  • Construction Cost Management
  • Review and approve invoices prior to payment.
  • Monitor, document, and report any variances in Job Cost Details.
  • Review and thoroughly understand the Scopes of Work in order to make decisions regarding enforcement and to authorize payment.
  • Continually monitor job sites for inefficiencies and waste, and issue credits when necessary.
  • Perform job cost audits with the Estimator and/or Controller on a regular basis.

General Duties

  • Respond to job site problems and perform checks of homes during designated “on call” weekends.
  • Actively participate in all designated company meetings.
  • Maintain an ongoing awareness of and assist with the achievement of all established company goals.
  • Assist with and participate in all designated special events (i.e. Parade of Homes, home shows, etc.).
  • Assist with all other special projects and tasks as directed.

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