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Four Takeaways from Projects LA

By Matt Gagne | October 1, 2018 | 0 Comments

The 2018 Projects LA Conference grew into a thrilling exploration of the technologies of our future job sites and what industry-wide changes must take place in order to improve the efficiencies of these technologies. Through lively conversations with industry experts, innovative startups, and technology thought leaders, the industry’s greatest success and heaviest defeats were brought […]

Latest News

BW Supply Chain Briefing

$4 Billion White Cap, Construction Supply Group Merger Highlights Changing Construction Supply Chain

By BuiltWorlds | August 15, 2020

Measuring Quality In Construction (Part I)

By David Hettinger | August 13, 2020

Equipment Management Software Becomes Table Stakes; Four Key Factors and 20 Leading Players In the Sector Now

By BuiltWorlds | August 10, 2020

Notable Built World Venture Investment Activity – July 2020

By Ryan Trompeter | August 7, 2020

Revisiting Pullman and Infrastructure’s Pivotal Role in Fostering Urban Development

By BuiltWorlds | August 2, 2020
covid mobility chicago

How Covid Might Influence Priorities for Future Infrastructure Projects

By BuiltWorlds | July 28, 2020
BuiltWorlds Big Data Meet Up

As Big Data City Planning Solutions Proliferate, We Take a Look at the Sector and Some of the Leading and Emerging Players

By BuiltWorlds | July 24, 2020
Kiewit and Jovix on Materials Management

Material Readiness Programs Helping Digitize The Construction Supply Chain

By Sam Huffman | July 24, 2020
Shrikant Sharma BurroHappold Covid Monitoring

Toward Pandemic-Resistant Buildings? A Discussion on Covid’s Impact on Smart Building Technology

By BuiltWorlds | July 20, 2020
tybot rebar robot

Infrastructure Spending Plans Help Boost Investment in Infrastructure Tech

By BuiltWorlds | July 18, 2020
Thru Shivakumar, Cohesion IB

Covid Spurs Smart Building Investment: Openpath, Cohesion, and FLO Deals Signal Strong Interest

By BuiltWorlds | July 17, 2020

Best Considerations & Practices for Building a Construction Technology Roadmap

By Sam Huffman | July 17, 2020

Essential and Available

By Sam Huffman | July 16, 2020

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 1) – Driving Innovation & Technology Adoption

By Sam Huffman | July 10, 2020

Your Guide to the 2020 BW Project Delivery Conference – 3 Days, 40+ Speakers, 20+ Sessions, And A Whole Lot of Construction Technology

By Sam Huffman | June 29, 2020
autodesk 360 imaging

Drone Usage Still Strong Among Leading E&C Firms

By Sam Huffman | June 26, 2020

Guide to Tool Tracking: Why the Construction Industry Is Embracing Inventory Asset Tagging

By Sam Huffman | June 25, 2020

Office Space Technology Post-COVID-19: Three Key Trends

By Sam Huffman | June 18, 2020
BuiltWorlds Venture Insights

Despite Covid, Built Worlds Venture Investing Tops $350 Million in Second Quarter

By BuiltWorlds | June 16, 2020

Leveraging Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Solutions for Better Insights

By Sam Huffman | June 12, 2020

DPR: Building for Resilience in Workspaces, Part 1

By Jay Weisberger | June 11, 2020
Notevault BuiltWorlds 2016 Summit Presentation Title Slide

Bentley’s NoteVault Acquisition Speaks to New Front in War For Project Management Supremacy

By BuiltWorlds | June 4, 2020

Radar – Our Selection of Innovative Businesses #15: 8 Solutions to Bring Construction Out of the Public Health Crisis

By Sam Huffman | June 4, 2020
Demo Day Judges BW Venture Conference Palo Alto 2019

10 Leading Demo Opportunities for Built World Start Ups in 2020

By BuiltWorlds | May 31, 2020