5 Wearables for the jobsite

Ever since your first remote control toy car or Tamagatchi, you’ve been infatuated with gadgets. We all have. Our society has literally turned cell phone releases into a highly anticipated affair. Which we accept because the reality is new technology’s exciting! Especially when it makes your life easier at work. And when that technology starts to make you look kind of like a superhero, well, that’s even better. So embrace the inner child and take a look at these five wearables you could be sporting on the jobsite.

1. XOEye glasses

While these handy glasses don’t offer Terminator-like vision, they do allow you to capture pictures and video hands-free. So whether you seek real-time assistance on a jobsite or want to document work environment safety conditions, the XOEye can do so without compromising your ability to get things done.

2. Cat’s Smartband

While 8.2 million Fitbits were sold leading up to the holiday season in 2015, a new health-tracking device might steal the lead this year. Ok, well, perhaps that’s a leap, but Caterpillar‘s Smartband would make a smart gift for you and your colleagues. It measures your fatigue, giving you an easy-to-see effectiveness score. Once you’ve hit 70%, you’re considered fatigue impaired.

3. Life by Smartcap

Unfortunately, the Smartcap doesn’t make you smarter, but you wouldn’t need that anyways, right? Wink, wink. Similar to the aforementioned Smartband, Life by Smartcap measures your alertness and makes you aware of your fatigue via a mobile app. Simply place it in your hard hat, and you’re good to go — no calibration required.

4. Milwaukee Tool’s Heated Jackets

The Starks are right — winter is coming, which makes Milwaukee Tool‘s newest line of battery-powered heated jackets a hot item, literally. These coats can not only keep the heat on you for up to 8 hours, but they’re water- and wind- resistant, too.

5. Ekso Bionics ZeroG arm

Meet The Bionic Construction Man. Or, in other words, an individual using Ekso Bionics’s zeroG arm while drilling on the jobsite.  While this wearable is more for your scaffold than for you, it’ll make tools feel weightless, giving you longer endurance, more mobility, and less strain on your body.