A Powerful and Flexible Battery Unveiled


Full of anticipation, BuiltWorlds headed to Baltimore for DEWALT’s unveiling of the #worldsfirst something. Hypotheses of what this could be circled around the internet. Stuart from toolguyd.com had said “there’s something related that cuts or grinds steel.” Similarly, users in a Tools in Action forum thought it would be something that “cuts and is [also] handheld.” On June 21, all speculations were put to rest when the company announced the “world’s first” flexible battery called FlexVolt.

Sparks were flying between BuiltWorlds’s Alexis Chastain and DEWALT’s FlexVolt-powered grinder.

FlexVolt’s unique in the fact that it’s compatible with 20-volt power tools and 60-volt ones, too. What does this mean for users? Well, for starters, DEWALT has cut the cord on powerful tools without compromising the products’ torque.

In a sense, many guesses were right about there being “something that cuts” in the mix. With the power delivered by FlexVolt, DEWALT was able to develop a variety of cordless saws, including a 120-volt miter saw (two batteries needed).

Another benefit — consumers won’t have to buy separate batteries to power their 20-volt and 60-volt tools. The technology within the battery allows it to switch between two voltages.

In addition, FlexVolt is “backwards compatible with most existing DEWALT 20V Max tools,” as stated in the company’s press release. Again, that’s beneficial for consumers who already have tools on that system, as they won’t have to update their current inventory.

A 120V miter saw powered by two 60V batteries.

People from the industry have reacted positively to the new platform. Timothy Dahl, a Popular Mechanics writer, said DEWALT “didn’t disappoint” and one “would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between [a] cordless FlexVolt and a corded version.” Jay Amstutz from coptool.com wrote that he really likes the “true corded power from these cordless tools and backwards [compatibility].”

As Frank Mannarino, the president of professional products group, said, DEWALT’s mission is to “give the power of cordless freedom [to] our user.” Based on professionals’ opinions, it would appear they’re doing just that.


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