Americas Summit 2022: Sustainable Investing, Construction Tech, and Formwork Labs Startups Take Center Stage

The 2022 Americas Summit is the premier BuiltWorlds event of the year. On September 7th and 8th, executives and industry leaders throughout the AEC space will gather in Chicago to discuss the strategic implications of various built world innovations and technologies. Conversations during the event will analyze current, and possible future industry trends, as well as their impact on the future. Attendees will be able to connect with several Digital Leaders as identified by BuiltWorlds research for their company’s technological adoption and applications. They will also gain insight into opportunities for return on investment (ROI) within their own technology workflows.

EQ Office Case Study

Day 1 of the Americas Summit kicks off with a presentation on the sustainability movement within the construction sector. While it has always been seen as ethical to implement sustainable practices, there are now plenty of opportunities within this space to not only benefit the environment but also increase profits and efficiency in doing so. Following this introduction, Adam Segal, Founder and CEO of Cove, and Mikki Ward, VP of Real Estate Technology at EQ Office, will sit down to chat about the direction of real estate technology. This conversation will encompass the priorities of companies at a strategic level and how those priorities influence technology adoption approaches for their organizations. Circling back to sustainability, Ray Levitt, Operating Partner at Blackhorn Ventures, will lead a panel on the importance of sustainability metrics and reporting methods. Melissa Cheong of Blackhorn Ventures, Cynthia Kueppers of Riverstone Holdings, and Kim Baker of Elemental Excelerator will provide their perspectives throughout the session to give companies a better understanding of the criteria that venture funds leverage during evaluations. 

The second half of Day 1 will highlight the BuiltWorlds Benchmarking Program and results from this year’s surveys. The Benchmarking Program allows BuiltWorlds to track emerging technology trends throughout the industry and evaluate the adoption of member companies. This allows companies to gain insights into the status of their current technology workflows as well as find opportunities for better utilization to increase ROI. Through the Benchmarking Program, BuiltWorlds recognizes Digital Leaders of various project delivery solutions. Mike Ernst of Ryan Companies, William Cotten of Impetus, and Lindsey Rem of Barton Mallow will join the Summit representing this year’s Digital Leaders to share technology adoption and management strategies within their companies. Shifting specifically to the jobsite, the conversation will turn towards the new technologies utilized by contractors in the field on a daily basis. Philip Lund-Nielsen of COBOD, Di-Ann Eisnor of Core, Bryan Kucinski of Buildots, and Peter Bysshe of Recon Dynamics will share their insights into the evolution of field technology solutions and the implications for the future.

Day 1 concludes with a case study focusing on digital transformation through a key recent industry acquisition. In this day and age, every company is looking for the next competitive advantage, typically in the form of innovation and technology. Hilti Corporation, an 80 year old organization with annual revenues exceeding $6B, sets a perfect example of this philosophy through its recent acquisition of Fieldwire, a construction technology company. In this session, both Hilti and Fieldwire will share their perspectives on innovation in legacy corporations, the value of new technologies, and how the industry can continue to advance.

Hilti Fieldwire Casestudy