Announcing BuiltWorlds Strategics


Industry Leaders Join BuiltWorlds to Create Leading Industry Research Platform

It is a return, of sorts, to the very beginning for BuiltWorlds. Before the blog ignited a global conversation about how to bridge the chasm between industry players and emerging tech, spawning a news organization and nearly an event a week, BuiltWorlds was a small group of industry players and part-time researchers examining the emerging built world technology landscape. It was an attempt to understand what tools held the greatest potential to drive vital improvement and make the industry’s projects faster, better, cheaper, and safer.

Now, almost four years after its founding, BuiltWorlds is pleased to announce that a group of industry leaders is coming together to support the significant expansion of BuiltWorlds’ ongoing news, events, and member network effort. These leaders will join the push to create the industry’s leading platform for peer-supported research into the trends and technologies shaping the industries that serve the built world.

By joining the BuiltWorlds Network at a strategic partnership level, major industry players such as Graycor, Hall Construction, Hollister, and Ozinga will be joining other major partners such as AON, APTIM, and Hill Group to fuel the development of an independent platform offering the tools and community to provide its members the broadest and deepest insights into emerging tech trends reshaping the entire world of buildings and infrastructure.

Since formally launching memberships last year, BuiltWorlds has added nearly 150 companies to its ranks. This addition of major partners has helped continue the build-out of additional content and programming, an enhanced website, and deeper research tools designed to create a truly critical resource to industry players, technologists, and other major stakeholders.

We are entering the early stages of what is already the greatest period of technological disruption the buildings and infrastructure environments have ever experienced. For more information, contact