Around The Network: BuiltWorlds Forums-Bringing Like-Minded Members Together To Learn

BuiltWorlds is a community, where the members of the community are also experts in their fields, and so a major benefit to the community is the facilitation of spaces where individuals with similar interests and areas of expertise can informally gather to trade ideas and insights. In the digital world, you can call these public gathering places many things–an online classroom, a hive mind, a virtual pub, but we at BuiltWorlds prefer the more traditional term “forum.” We’ve had great success with our General Discussion Forum, E & C Technology Leaders Forum, Venture Forum and now we are adding even more forums where our members will be able to meet to share insights directly from peer groups of senior leaders from the industry, teaming up to share experienced-based knowledge on select topics. At BuiltWorlds, our members are here to learn, but they are also here to share what they know!

Beyond our existing forums, let us know if you’d be interested to join newly forming forums, including our Future Workforce Forum, Equipment & Robotics Forum and Building Tech Forums. As part of these Forums, you’ll have access to monthly meetings, exclusive topic-oriented newsletters, a specific forum team site on BuiltWorlds, and more. There is no cost to join these new forums. It is all part of the effort to deliver more value, more insight, and more network to our members.

Start a discussion, react to trends and insights, share challenges, teach others, clarify assumptions, share new skills and ideas—all in the BuiltWorlds Digital Forums.


BuiltWorlds “Around the Network” Briefings offer BuiltWorlds Members an opportunity to keep the Community informed of their own initiatives, resource offerings, and other things they are excited to share about or collaborate around. We generally pull these posts as “highlights” from Member Company PagesInnovation Exchange Posts, and other places our members share with us what they are up to.


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