Around The Network: Comcast Helps Chicago-Area Building Managers Connect Tenants to High-Tech Fiber Infrastructure

The push forward transforming buildings into smarter, more efficient workplaces and living spaces is continuing apace. Technologies are being installed in our buildings to make them “intelligent,” new materials are shifting the building process, and there is an increased demand for energy-efficient buildings from a number of stakeholders.

Next month on April 6th through 8th, BuiltWorlds will be hosting our 2021 Building Conference. Day One will explore case studies and host discussions on some of the most promising solutions and how they are changing the way real estate developers, owners, architects, engineers, and contractors support development or redevelopment planning, the design, and value engineering and analysis in the pre-construction phase of project life cycles.

Day Two will take a look at smart sustainability and how emerging technology is influencing Building Products, Materials and Systems and how those changes and other aspects of emerging technology are impacting the Operations and Maintenance of Buildings.

Finally, we will conclude on Day Three with a thorough look at at how emerging technology in Modularization and Pre-Fabrication is impacting the development, design, construction, and operations of our buildings.

Longtime BuiltWorlds member Comcast has always been at the forefront of the movement towards smarter, more efficient buildings. They recently announced an initiative in the Chicago area installing Multi-Tenant Gateway Solutions (MTGs) in over 50 commercial, residential and mixed-use properties. You can find the full report as well as other related resources posted on their BuiltWorlds Company Page, and we have also shared it here in the link below as part of our ongoing effort to highlight interesting and relevant initiatives from BuiltWorlds members.

Comcast Business Helps Chicago Area Building Managers Connect Tenants to High-Tech Fiber Infrastructure