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The Built Environment’s Global Effect

  • The built environment generates 40% of annual global CO2 emissions*
  • In 2040 approximately 2/3 of the global building stock will be buildings that exist today*
  • CO2 emissions from buildings and construction hit a new high, leaving the sector off track to decarbonize by 2050*
  • Buildings’ energy demand increased by around 4% from 2020 to 135 EJ – the largest increase in the last 10 years*

*Sources can be found at the end of the briefing

Re-Introduction to the Building Tech Forum

BuiltWorlds is excited to announce the return of the Building Tech Forum. The first meeting of 2023 is scheduled for February 9th at 12 PM CST. The first in-person Forum meeting will take place at Venture West in San Francisco on March 22nd.

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With the revitalization of the Building Tech Forum, BuiltWorlds has identified six major topic areas that will be covered in depth moving forward. In line with industry pressure for architects & engineers, developers, builders, and solution providers, the Building Tech Forum will examine innovative technology through the lens of sustainability and ESG. Considering the stats above, the industry needs to realize its environmental impact and invest in a clean future. By focusing on the following topic areas, BuiltWorlds hopes to promote this shift:

  • Facilities Management – software systems and applications that allow users to manage various aspects of building performance from one central location
  • High-Performance Materials – innovative products and materials used in the construction of modern buildings, changing the way we develop the next generations of smart, eco-friendly buildings
  • Energy Systems & HVAC – technology solutions that seek to improve building MEP functions through efficiency gains, data capture, clean energy solutions, and other means
  • Sensors & Robotics – software-backed hardware solutions that assist with the collection of data used to more efficiently manage building performance
  • Modular Systems – offsite methods of construction whereby parts of a built system are developed and can be easily assembled on-site. Modular systems can include residential homes, wall panels, MEP systems, etc.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) – a connection and communication system integrated with a building that allows building managers to control many building facets in a connected place

Forum members can expect in-depth, collaborative conversations and research around innovations and technology to help contractors, engineers, and developers achieve their sustainability, energy efficiency, decarbonization/carbon-zero, and other similar goals. Though the Building Tech Forum looks at various topics concerning sustainability and ESG, it is open to all BuiltWorlds members who want to push the industry forward.

Ultimately, the conversations and sentiments gathered through the Building Tech Forum will help guide the content presented at the annual Buildings Conference. By following this trajectory, BuiltWorlds conferences become an extension of the research produced rather than stand-alone events.

Relevant Building Tech Content

As the Building Tech Forum grows, its affiliated research will also improve. Below are the dates to expect various research and content related to Building Tech. The Annual Building Tech Report and Building Tech 50 List allow readers to quickly digest the state-of-the-industry specific to building technology. Similarly, BuiltWorlds Sustainability Report will take a deeper look at the impacts construction has on the world, what is being done to counter these effects, and how the future might look.

  • Annual Building Tech Report - May 4, 2023
  • Building Tech 50 - May 11, 2023
  • Sustainability Report - May 25, 2023
  • Annual Offsite Report - August 17, 2023

Next Steps

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