BuiltWorlds Catalyzers: New Technologies Advancing the Future of Construction

Credit: Voyage Control

BuiltWorlds Catalyzer Program is specifically designed to help companies with innovative industry solutions in the growth-stage. The construction industry is changing, and great technologists are finding building solutions to power towards the future. BuiltWorlds bridges the gap between companies and new solutions. Learn more about how Buildots, Voyage Control, Bridgit, and WakeCap are improving how we build.

Credit: Buildots

BuiltWorlds Catalyzer Partnership: Specifically Designed to Help Growth-Stage Tech Companies Achieve Scale

The construction industry is the nation’s largest industry in total dollar volume. However, construction productivity has been on the decline for several decades. Construction productivity is half of the average productivity of the 1960s. Rising costs, growing labor shortages, and other challenges are compounding the challenges of the task of building efficiently. Companies are searching for new ways to improve construction productivity.

Credit: Bridgit

Technologists, inventors, and entrepreneurs are working diligently to create, optimize, and market new solutions that aim to revolutionize construction. The industry’s companies want to change; they know they need to change. To help companies foster an ecosystem of trust and transparency, BuiltWorlds maintains this platform allowing multiple industry stakeholders to drive development and adoption. BuiltWorlds’ Catalyzer program helps companies with innovative solutions by gaining exposure within a community curated around specialized needs and a desire to innovate.

Credit: WakeCap


Buildots Helps Collect, Analyze, and Leverage Construction Site Data

Buildots turns construction sites into a digitally managed manufacturing environment. Proprietary AI-technology analyses video captured by 360° hardhat mounted cameras, together with BIM and schedule data, to detect the exact status of every activity of the construction sites.

Credit: Buildots

From Buildots CEO and Co-Founder Roy Danon:

In an industry that is so fragmented, where each company has its own unique challenges, organizations like BuiltWorlds take the critical role of matching partners sharing a common vision so that the magic can happen. Making our first steps in the US with the new program is an easy choice, as it would assure, we build our foundations in the market with the right partners.


Voyage Control Offers Cutting-Edge Logistical Management for Construction

Voyage Control is a platform that helps construction firms manage complex logistics and supply chains more efficiently, as well as support their compliance needs. Voyage Control is a proven software solution to manage jobsite logistics including deliveries, onsite resources, and tracking material inventory.

Credit: Voyage ControlFrom Voyage Control CEO James Swanston:

Voyage Control is really delighted to be part of the BuiltWorlds Catalyzer program – they have an enviable global network of construction firms and professionals, and this is a great way to be able to work with that community to help transform their logistics and supply chain activities. As importantly, it will provide a fantastic way to work with some of the most innovative leaders in the industry and share ideas and best practices.


Bridgit Is Workforce Intelligence for the Construction Industry

Bridgit is on a mission to help every contractor leverage their workforce productivity. Bridgit eliminates the complexity of managing the construction workforce and provides forward-looking insights to drive efficiency and planning effectiveness.

Credit: Bridgit

From Bridgit CCO & Cofounder Lauren Lake:

When we first heard about the Catalyzer program, we jumped on the opportunity to be included. With the construction industry going through rapid digitization, we know there is extensive opportunity for our business, and building strong partnerships is a top priority. Being part of the Catalyzer program means that our business can gain exposure and build industry connections faster.


WakeCap is an IoT-based Service Providing a Disruptive Approach to Construction Sites

WakeCap is both a product and service that looks to provide a unique approach to construction site safety, productivity and enabling a workable environment in unprecedented situations such as those set by COVID-19. The product is for workers that adapts to hardhats to improve jobsite transparency.

Credit: WakeCap

From WakeCap North America VP Daniel Pifko:

WakeCap was established in 2017, we met Bryant in January 2018 and signed up immediately with Builtworlds. Building a global network that is enabling buildings and infrastructure professionals to come to a common platform and help learn more about the trends and ongoing activities is great. We at WakeCap feel that one of the reasons why Builtworlds started with this Catalyzers Program is probably because of us. We have reached out to the team multiple times to make introductions to prospective partners and professionals relevant to our product. We have been successfully operating in the GCC (Middle East) region and are expanding into the North American market and this program seemed a good fit for us to participate in. The program has been tailored for companies like ours to reach out to the right people responsible for such implementations. We are looking forward to how this program unfolds and benefits us.

For more information on the Catalyzer’s Program, visit the Catalyzer’s Home Page on BuiltWorlds.