Eliminating Inefficiency: A Look Into busybusy’s Jobsite Intelligence

For decades, jobsite documentation and organization has proved a laborious, expensive process for contractors. Paper time-cards, the inability to effectively monitor employees and their progress, and the lack of a platform to house descriptions, reminders, photos, and more, has drowned jobsite management in unnecessary inefficiencies. Now, though, Utah-based busybusy seeks to remedy all of those systemic ailments with an impressively comprehensive application.


Accessible via desktop and mobile, busybusy provides business owners access to everything that’s happening at their jobsite. Employees can clock in and out digitally on their smartphone, GPS location stamps keep track of who is using what equipment, and photos and descriptions allow the real-time documentation of everything being worked on. This kind of transparent info aggregation gives owners the opportunity to better allocate and budget work and resources depending on job requirements.

Often times, information is only as valuable as it is integratable with other complementary services and platforms. With this in mind, busybusy has been created for integration with softwares like QuickBooks, Procore, and VisionLink. This allows for faster payroll, more detailed accounts of machine usage on the site, among a bevy of other things.

“We’ve had many customers tell us that they’re able to cut their payroll process down to 3 hours instead of a full day or even multiple days,” said Taylor Van Sickle, the Director of Digital Marketing at busybusy. “We’re talking hours instead of days to make this stuff happen. You have a lot of these companies using paper time-cards and when it comes to the end of the week it’s a scramble – a mad rush – to get these paper time-cards filled out.”

busybusy on Android

Dissecting that mad rush and creating solutions for the issues that cause it is busybusy’s mantra. Payroll isn’t just faster with them, though; it’s also much more accurate. An 8-hour workday can, for instance, be broken down into 2-hour chunks. When did employees get to the jobsite? What did they operate, and did they ever forget to clock in or out? The busybusy application keeps track of all that data, which in turn, can be immensely valuable to supervisors and business owners when striving for further efficiency.

Understanding how one’s jobsite operates and is most efficient can also allow one to ensure they’re accepting the right kind of jobs. “busybusy helps us know which jobs we really want and avoid the jobs we were trying to get that we don’t really want,” explained Josh Bastian of StoneTree Landscaping. “Using the data from busybusy we were able to increase our profit by 30 percent within the first twelve months.”

For the discerning software user, busybusy is also chock-full of fascinating, useful features that further enhance its value on the jobsite. Their dedicated equipment app allows manual input of equipment-related data: how many hours machinery was used, its fuel levels, and so on. The whole application works offline, too, and will automatically upload data when a connection becomes available.

In 2018, busybusy has their goals set on getting their platform onto more and more jobsites throughout the country. “A lot of guys in construction are not necessarily used to utilizing technology and they really feel that it’s going to take a lot of time to transition from paper to technology,” Van Sickle said. “But it’s really a lot easier than many business owners think.”

To help facilitate that conversation, busybusy will be at World of Concrete this week in Las Vegas. BuiltWorlds will be there, too, with a meetup Tuesday night.

This article was sponsored by busybusy.