Experts speak on parametric and computational design

John Frazer, former researcher and lecturer at Cambridge University and chair of the Frazer Foundation of Accelerating Architecture, has spent his career researching and developing digital design solutions. Active parametric modeling and computational design technologies have been at the forefront of his research, and he recognizes that such technologies allow designers to explore forms like never before.

Because of that, he feels some within the architecture community have begun pursuing such forms purely for stylistic purposes. It’s his belief, however, that designers should remember “architecture has an immense impact on the environment, on the economy, and on social issues.”

Therefore, architects should keep in mind a gamut of considerations.

Frazer understands using these complex computing technologies can be time-consuming and costly. Which is why…
But that doesn’t have to be the case.
Design Applications Manager at Perkins+Will, Justin Benjamin, believes
In 5 years, using [programs like] Dynamo Revit will be just as common as using Revit.
His colleague, Tim Bakos, sees the technology heading towards the virtual world.