Eight BuiltWorlds Session Recordings: Get to Know the BuiltWorlds 2021 Mavericks

This year’s 2021 BuiltWorlds Mavericks List is live, and we are as excited as ever to introduce the global built world ecosystem to a host of amazing entrepreneurs, industry leaders, technologists, educators, and influencers.  We look forward to meeting with and learning with many of this year and past year’s Mavericks at our US Summit this fall, but, for those who want to get to know them before the Summit or who cannot make the in-person events, the good news is that you don’t have to. You can just search them up on our site, and watch their presentations at past BuiltWorlds Summits, Conferences, and Calls.  In person or digitally, we can learn from and be inspired by them.


Below is a curated list of eight sessions featuring 2021 Mavericks from the past year. Watch their remarks and learn from them, alongside a host of other inspiring leaders, some of whom will undoubtedly enter the ranks of future Mavericks lists:


Meet Yogev Katzir, CEO of Infralab, at our 2020 Global Summit.

2020 Global Summit Israel

Meet Sunil Dorairajan, CEO of Pype, at our 2020 Us Summit.

Leveraging Tech for Preconstruction

Meet Ben Price, NOVA External Ventures, Saint Gobain.

Buildings Analyst Call

Meet Yohann Sberro, Head of Business Development, Bouygues Construction, on our September 2020 Buildings Topic Analyst Call.

Mass Timber Analyst Call

Meet Andra Keay at Our 2020 Projects Conference

(Which was Combined with Our Machines Conference last year Due to the Covid Pandemic)

2020 Projects Conference Robotics Session

Meet Ricardo Khan and Bethany Gardner on Last November’s “Adopters 50” Call


Meet Ray Levitt, Operating Partner, Blackhorn Ventures, at Our 2020 Venture Conference


Meet Salla Eckhardt, Director, Microsoft at our 2021 Buildings Conference

Buildings Conference 2021 : Digital Twins and the Future of BIM