Go Digital! Enhance IT Clarity for Construction Jobsites


Credit: Mortenson

Technology planning is an involved process, requiring time and resources. To make good decisions, a contractor needs to understand key aspects of technology with the opportunity for significant productivity gains. Join us Thursday, March 25th at 10 am CT with Mortenson as we discuss how to improve the coordination between IT and our project teams.

Cross-Team IT Coordination for GCs…

Properly including IT aspects with the Project Team early on in the process of technology planning can transform organizations by giving IT the tools to understand the construction environment more effectively, measure the efficacy of digitization against experienced Project Managers, and harness the power of information.

Improved access to information between various office and field teams makes it possible for shareholders to work with accurate, real-time data when making construction decisions. Invoices, change-orders, and budgets can be easily determined and updated to keep reigns over a project’s financial status. A lack of transparent communication between IT and the jobsite directly affects coordination between accounting teams and project teams, resulting in construction progress and revenue straggling behind.

Credit: Mortenson

Technology Planning with Mortenson

Mortenson is set on shaping the world of things to come – no matter what is being built. Mortenson Construction provides planning, program management, preconstruction, general contracting, and design-build solutions. Ready to get creative to provide maximum value, Mortenson believes partnerships and collaborative ingenuity are the keys to unlocking potential. Discussion led by Jason Tschetter, Director of Emerging Technology.

Credit: Mortenson

About the Forum

The E&C Technology Leaders is a private group from construction and engineering companies within the BuiltWorlds network, meeting monthly to discuss construction technologies, share notes, and speak with other industry experts about technology adoption in construction. Access is limited and restricted to invitation only.

Join us Thursday, March 25th at 10 am CT with Mortenson