Six “Open Calls” Exploring Themes of Innovation in Infrastructure, Building Tech, and Construction Tech

For people who are looking to understand the technologies, trends, companies, and people driving change in the Built Worlds, there may be no greater resource than the library of more six hundred recordings of Conference and Summit Sessions, Analyst Calls, Startup Demos, and other events we have hosted over the past seven years. This trove of nearly one hundred terabytes of information chronicles the evolution of sector-focused venture investing, cloud computing, AI and Machine Learning, advanced equipment and robotics, building tech, infrastructure tech, and our evolving workforce. Most of it is only available to our BuiltWorlds Members, but we have made few, select videos available to the broader community, with a particular focus on our upcoming Summit and also our Infrastructure Programming.

Session Calls & Videos Hero

2019 BuiltWorlds Summit Preview Analyst Call

BuiltWorlds 2019 Summit Chicago Analyst Call

2020 BuiltWorlds Digital Summit – Innovation in Heavy Civil Infrastructure With Vinci

2020 Infrastructure Conference: Smart Infrastructure Planning & Development in Chicago with CMAP, CBRE, and CNI

Chicago's Infrastructure Planning Session

Peter Nelson, Director of Infrastructure Development, Bechtel Enterprises on the Future of Smart Infrastructure at our Infrastructure Conference, September 2020

Peter Nelson, Bechtel Enterprises, Infrastructure 2020

2020 Infrastructure Conference Global Summit Preview: Israel’s Transportation Sector Innovation Ecosystem

Israel's transportation ecosystem

May Project Management Analyst Call: Utilizing Real-Time Data Capture to Enhance Project Management

MAy Project Management Call McCarthy and buidlots

To Access the complete library of BuiltWorlds Videos, Members can head over to Session Calls & Videos.