Top 10 BuiltWorlds Videos of 2016

In the last year, our original video series brought together the built environment’s most impactful firms and powerful thought leaders, all with the purpose of educating and generating discussion on how we can all create a better built future. As we wrap up the year that was, we now look back through our own lens at the top 10 videos we produced throughout an incredible 2016.

10 – Empowering the Workforce in 4D | BW Road Trip: Silicon Valley – Are people empowering the workforce on the West Coast? We went there to find out first hand.




9 – Meet SAM: the Automated Bricklaying Robot – How can robotics overcome the challenges that construction workers face in the field? During our first Summit, Scott Peters, President of Construction Robotics, showcases the multitude of benefits behind their semi-automated bricklaying robot, SAM.



8 – A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of an Innovative Recycling Plant | SmartWorlds – Take a trip with us to Lakeshore Recycling. Providing recycling and 100% waste diversion programs and comprehensive waste removal to businesses and residential homeowners. They do all of this without any plans of ever owning a landfill.


7 – Innovative Architecture Design with Award-Winning Design-Build Firm | CannonDesign – On this BW Session, we took a look at the Chicago office of CannonDesign. They’re an integrated global design firm that unites a dynamic team of architects, engineers, strategists, researchers, futurists, and industry specialists who are driven by a singular goal — to help solve the greatest challenges brought to them by the society and their clients.

6 – Make It – AEC Hackathon 3.5 Chicago – On our debut episode of Make It, we go deep into the second AEC Hackathon to take place in Chicago. Teams go head-to-head as they only have 21 hours to develop the best solution to existing industry problems. After deliberations, the team with the most compelling project wins the ultimate prize.


5 – Using Virtual and Augmented Reality in Construction Today | All Hands on Tech – On this episode of AHOT, we explore the new trends in virtual and augmented reality in the construction industry. Put on your headsets and join us as we chat with a panel of experts.



4 – Preconstruction Startup Announces Funding | Venture: BuildingConnected / Borealis Ventures – On this episode of Venture, we looked at how startup businesses in the construction industry are making big bucks and the funds that are increasingly interested in the AEC space. Our guests were Jesse Devitte from Borealis Ventures and Dustin Devan from BuildingConnected who made an exclusive announcement!

3 – How New Tech Is Improving Crane Safety (with OSHA + La Grange Crane) | Safe Insight – On this episode of Safe Insight, we looked at the important, yet dangerous, world of crane safety. Tour La Grange Crane with us to learn about the training, software, and tech innovations that have improved planning and crane performance on construction jobsites. We also sat down with an OSHA representative to hear more about the new regulations that have affected crane operations and training.

2 – Building & Designing the Theater of Tomorrow | Project Innovation: The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare – On this episode of Project Innovation, BuiltWorlds dons its hard hats to take you behind the scenes at The Yard at Shakespeare Theatre on Chicago’s famous Navy Pier. Slated to open in Spring of 2017, The Yard will be Chicago Shakespeare’s third stage and it introduces a new trend in theater architecture. The design features a series of mobile “towers” that allow for The Yard to be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes.

1 – Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Walsh Construction’s Yard, Shop, and Operations | Yard & Shop – On our debut episode of Yard & Shop, we strapped on our safety vests to meet with Walsh Construction, a full-service construction firm servicing the Chicago area since 1898, to take a behind-the-scenes tour of their yard. Join us as we check out their fleet of more than 10,000 vehicles, learn about machines and equipment, and get a special tour of their facilities.


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