Weekly Round Up: News from Parafin, Facilio, StructionSite, Redmond, and EquipmentShare

Round upWhat happened this week in the built world? Here’s our Friday round up of news and announcements from members of the BuiltWorlds network. Want to be included? Send your press releases or story ideas to news@builtworlds.com.

1. Parafin begins beta testing

A select group of hotel developers are currently using Parafin, a software for developers that optimizes designs for profit, on their projects. To learn more about Parafin, check out the Real Estate Tech Forum with Parafin on July 11, 2018.

2. Facilio advizes facilities managers on the benefits of  IoT and machine learning in buildings

Facilio is a facilities, workforce, and energy management platform for commercial real estate professionals. In a recent blog post, Facilio emphasized buildings that incorporate IoT and machine learning can adapt to occupancy changes, track water and energy usage, and facilitate predictive maintenance. BuiltWorlds will dive into IoT and machine learning in buildings at the Buildings 2.0 Conference on August 23, 2018.

3. StructionSite highlights key components of documentation turnover packages

StructionSite, a digital jobsite documentation platform, informed owners about the five key pieces of a documentation turnover package. Are you an owner who wants to further explore these themes? Join us at the BuiltWorlds Projects conference.

4. Redmond nearly finished with the Jellyvision project

Redmond Construction Corp. is a boutique contractor in Chicago that focuses on the tech industry. Redmond will soon complete its expansion of the Jellyvision facility.

5. EquipmentShare shares a fun video of a smart trench roller

EquipmentShare, a platform for renting construction equipment, shared an awesome video on Facebook of Wacker Neuson Americas’ remote-controlled trench roller at the EquipmentShare location in Columbia, Missouri. Check out the BuiltWorlds Tools and Equipment Forum for more on cool tools!

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