Weekly Round Up: News From SYNDÉO, Facilio, Contract Simply, Hangar, Ving, and Aclaimant

What’s happened this week in the built world? Here’s our Friday round up of news and announcements from members of the BuiltWorlds network. Want to be included? Send your press releases or story ideas to news@builtworlds.com.

1. SYNDÉO relays the importance of Edge Computing to Smart Cities

SYNDEO’s Smart Panel Mini-Vaults are inserted into sidewalk curbs and provide a protected space to install Smart City technology. SYNDEO emphasized that enabling edge computing in cities is a prerequisite for the implementation of smart infrastructure. According to SYNDEO, “Edge computing allows for more efficient processing of data at the “edge” of the center of activity, rather than relying on the transmission of data across extended access points to a centralized location.” Want to hear more about smart infrastructure? Check out the BuiltWorlds Cities Conference(Source)

2. Facilio blogs about the Commercial Real Estate Technology Revolution

Facilio is a facilities, workforce, and energy management platform for commercial real estate professionals. In a recent blog post, Facilio emphasized the ways technology can be leveraged to optimize occupant experience. To learn more about trends in commercial real estate technology, check out the BuiltWorlds Real Estate Tech Forum(Source)

3. Contract Simply discovers the construction industry is losing $40 million due to slow payments

Contract Simply, a construction loan management software, surveyed 1,300 contractors and discovered 83% of the contractors surveyed have filed liens because of slow payments. (Source)

4. Hangar proposes future jobs construction

The Hangar Robotics-as-a-System™ (RaaS) Platform directs autonomous robots to collect data on site. Hangar proposes that construction companies will eventually need construction progress analysts who monitor drone footage of multiple construction sites. We’ll be continuing the discussion about ways to future-proof your workforce at the Future Workforce Conference. (Source)

5. Ving relates the best way to leverage email to promote job safety

Ving, a video platform for providing and monitoring employee safety training, encourages employers to create contact groups, include multimedia content, save templates, and verify that their messages are opened. Since teaching employees how to effectively communicate is such a challenge, BuiltWorlds is hosting a Future Workforce Forum on teaching your employees how to write professionally. (Source)

6. Aclaimant featured in Leader’s Edge Magazine

David Wald, Aclaimant’s Co-founder, spoke with Leader’s Edge Magazine about the ways Aclaimant can streamline the process of monitoring their risk and reporting incidents. Don’t know Aclaimant? They are a leading incident management platform. (Source)

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