Weekly Round-Up: News from Weatherbuild, Tenna, Redmond Construction, Igor, and StructionSite

Round up

What happened this week in the built world? Here’s our Friday round-up of news and announcements from members of the BuiltWorlds network. Want to be included? Send your press releases or story ideas to news@builtworlds.com.

1. Weatherbuild welcomes James Becker as an advisor

WeatherBuild is an application that gives construction teams actionable data regarding the weather. James Becker, a former leader at Skanska and a BIM expert, will be providing WeatherBuild with actionable insights on how to better serve its customers.

2. Tenna launches Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) solution for iOS

Tenna utilizes internet of things (IoT) technology to track tools and equipment. Tenna’s new solution eliminates the need to manually fill out DVIR forms.

3. Redmond Construction completes Jellyvision expansion

Redmond Construction Corp. is a boutique contractor in Chicago that focuses on the tech industry. The Jellyvision facility expresses the company’s culture with a wellness and prayer room, a game room, and a training room.

4. Igor featured in IoT Evolution

IoT Evolution praised Igor, a Power over Ethernet (PoE) smart lighting system, for the development of Nexos. Nexos is a platform that can connect with any IoT device. With Nexos, facilities managers and owners can transform existing buildings into smart buildings.

5. StructionSite releases case study with RAD URBAN and Bluebeam

Alex Tanguay, the VDC Coordinator at RAD URBAN, praised StructionSite, a  digital jobsite documentation platform, for providing him with a single source of truth by integrating with his Bluebeam dashboard.

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