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What does it take to get a digital twin up and running and realize value?

AMC Bridge is pleased to host a new live webinar session to explore answers to this question. We will break through the hype and focus on what it takes to create practical, achievable digital twins.

The webinar will focus on what is currently achievable and what results can be reasonably expected from today’s commercially available solutions and platforms for digital twins. Comparing the pros and cons of buying, building, and assembling digital twins should reveal how far a company can go with a platform versus a “best-of-breed” approach. The session will explore the need to integrate modeling, simulation, IoT, game engines, and more.

Additionally, the panelists will discuss barriers to achieving digital twin objectives and gaps that companies encounter in their digital twin journeys. They will share their insights on which components, among a vast array of choices, are really required for successful digital twin implementation.


– Sameer Kher, Senior Director, R&D – Digital Twins, Ansys
– Neil Garnett, Ericsson Service Transformation, Ericsson
– Jonathan Girroir, Director of Marketing, Tech Soft 3D
Robert Bray, VP & General Manager, Autodesk Tandem, Autodesk, Inc
Igor Tsinman, Co-Founder and President, AMC Bridge

Moderator: Jim Brown, Founder and President, Tech-Clarity

Please register for the webinar to explore the topic with us and learn best practices from industry-leading experts.

Webinar details

Date: 12/8/2022
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST