In case you weren’t aware, The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the job site.

Why is this an area of construction technology you should care about?

Gartner estimates there will be over 26 billion connected devices by the year 2020 (with some estimating this number to be much higher – over 100 billion). McKinsey researchers estimate the potential economic impact of IoT technologies to be USD $2.7 trillion to USD $6.2 trillion annually by 2025.

When you consider the possibility of connecting any machine, any system or any site to the Internet to know what’s happening in real time, it rapidly becomes clear the positive impact the IoT can have on the construction industry. And there’s no shortage of emerging technology companies who are capitalizing on this trend.

So we put together an 8-page IoT and Connected Jobsite Research Brief to help you identify those emerging companies (sorted by category) that are connecting the project site.

The brief features seven categories where IoT is affecting the job site (aerial scanning/monitoring, safety, and tools, to name a few) and provides more detail about the 45 companies who were featured in our infographic.


There are two ways to get the brief:


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