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Research Reports

Derived from the collective knowledge of our members, some of the top thought leaders in the industry. Research Reports hit on trends driven by and developed based on members' interests, ensuring they always provide value. Our research provides a market sentiment baseline on topics impacting your business.

Optimizing Form with Generative Design

August 1, 2018

Introduction Generative design is the contemporary frontier of building design. It has the potential to fundamentally shift the way architects, engineers, developers, and contractors design and collaborate. It helps developers value engineer projects more efficiently, allows architects to quickly explore an almost infinite number of design options, and promotes early […]

Thinking Smarter: The Next Step in City Infrastructure

July 9, 2018

Connectivity, shared space, cultural exchange, economic opportunity – the core values of urban living are long-standing and have shaped the way people interact with cities for millennia. Today, we find ourselves at the crest of a tidal wave of urbanization. With more and more people seeking out shared experiences and […]

Digesting the Immersive Reality Experience

June 5, 2018

With new tech fads entering the market each day it is important to stay ahead of what trends are here for the long-term. That is exactly what we intend to answer by educating our readers on how immersive reality technologies like VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and MR (Mixed […]

Field Services

Field Services in an Increasingly Impatient World

May 8, 2018

As mobile devices begin to replace notepads on more job sites worldwide, connecting service technicians with their customers becomes not only possible but imperative to a successful relationship. The systems and equipment entering our homes and buildings are only getting more complex and as such we must be particular about […]

Automation & Robotics: Rethinking Engineering and Construction Jobs

May 2, 2018

Approximately 50 percent of the current positions in the construction sector, according to The Economist, could be automated. That’s a good thing, too. With disruptive changes to business models expected to have a profound impact on the employment landscape in the coming years, the push toward using more automation and […]

A New Era for Modular Design and Construction

April 9, 2018

Over 90 percent of all global infrastructure projects, according to The Economist, are either over budget or late, perhaps due to today’s worldwide capital projects getting evermore complex and larger in scope. Labor costs comprise 20 to 50 percent of total project costs. Labor productivity has declined, hours have been […]