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Time to upgrade your networking game.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

For years now, you’ve been attending the same networking events, meeting the same people and hearing from the same speakers.

And sure, things have been going fine with your business but “innovation” has become a forgetting concept sitting in a dusty corner. You’ve been using the same tools, the same technologies, and the same software for as long as you can remember.

Meanwhile, the industry has been transforming right outside your front door. Komatsu is developing automated bulldozers. Clune utilizes an in-house virtual construction team for their projects. Panasonic built and manages a smart city outside of Denver International Airport.

Uber sent cab companies and the transportation industry running for the hills, desperately trying to react to a disintegrating business model instead of being able to proactively tackle it. So whether you want to believe it or not, the Uber Moment is coming for the infrastructure industry and those same old networking buddies won’t even know how to begin to help you when the latest technologies turn your business upside down.

You need to be meeting the right people who understand that innovation is the lifeblood of every business. You need to be learning about the latest trends from the leading experts in the field.

And that’s where BuiltWorlds comes in.

This summer in Chicago, we’re hosting two events to help architects and engineers learn about the trends and technologies you'll need to stay at the forefront of built innovation:


Cities Conference | July 19

We’ve been hearing for years about the enormous infrastructure needs facing cities, that cities are “disrupt-able” and ripe for change. But what’s often left out of the conversation is how to capitalize on it.

The Cities Conference is a full-day premium event that will help you make sense of the crucial changes coming to our cities, including transit, waste, water, energy, buildings, and social infrastructure. And our speakers won’t be presenting “pie-in-the-sky” ideas. Instead, they’ll show off real case studies from successful cities around the world with real takeaways for your next project.

Speakers include


Buildings 2.0 Conference | August 23

Sensor-enabled smart buildings that know when they need cleaning, heating or cooling. Buildings that harness rainwater, use less and recycle more. Resiliency buildings that withstand disaster.

At Buildings 2.0, we’ll explore the emerging technologies disrupting buildings, the major players dominating the marketing, how to pay for the latest features, how to stay competitive, and more. The day before, we’ll also be hosting a half-day, members-only conference on the Future of Retail. We’ll explore how buildings can be designed with the latest technologies to attract shoppers.

Speakers include

Now, no matter how amazing the speaker line-up or fascinating the panel topics, it can be hard to justify the $300+ ticket price and it’s definitely going to raise some eyebrows if you rack up almost $1000 attending conferences over three months.

Thankfully, BuiltWorlds wants to make sure you stay on the right side of your accounting department


Become a BuiltWorlds Member and for $750, receive pooled tickets to attend 6 BuiltWorlds conferences. For a little over the cost of two tickets, you get to attend three times as many events and save more than a $1000 just on tickets.

And there’s so much more to becoming a BuiltWorlds Member than just event tickets.


If you attend even one BuiltWorlds Conference, you’re already spent half the money so become a BuiltWorlds Member and unlock the ultimate value of the BuiltWorlds community.



The BuiltWorlds Member Network is 150+ companies strong with representation from all sectors of the industry. Architects and engineers, meet the real estate developers who have the land to house your designs, the contractors who will build it and the start-ups who will provide the technologies to take your designs to the next level.


Our Digital Portal lets you find the people you need to meet and connect with them. Say goodbye to awkward cold emails to total strangers. Plus, you’ll have access to the BuiltWorlds team to help you identify exactly who you need to meet to accomplish your business goals.


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Can’t make it to a BuiltWorlds Conference? The Digital Portal is full of video recaps of keynotes and panels from previous events. Built innovation + popcorn = the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon.


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Looking to catch up on all the latest innovation happenings in the industry? We’ve got the resources to turn help you quickly understand any topic - research briefs, special reports, news coverage, and more.



Join Forums and dive deep into specific topic areas that capture your interest, learn from your peers, and collaborate with other Members to uncover industry best practices and innovative solutions.

Revolutionize your networking. Stay ahead of the trends. Transform your business. And save some cash in the process.