BuiltWorlds Summit 2021 Sessions: Josh Levy Co-Founder/CEO DocumentCrunch

In addition to being known for its poor safety record relative to other industries and productivity woes, the construction industry is also said to be one of the most litigious. Contract disputes are among the leading causes of this expensive acrimony, and that is where Josh Levy, Co-Founder and CEO of Document Crunch comes in. With years spent at prestigious law firms like Peckar & Abramson and industry leaders like Wood and Dunn, Levy has seen his share of claims and other related contract disputes.  Contracts have become increasingly complex over the years, and few contractors are well equipped to to read, understand and administer them. Now artificial intelligence and the cloud give contractors more powerful and more cost effective tools to manage and mitigate a variety of risks, including the risk of contract disputes and other issues arising out of the difficulties in reviewing and managing contracts.