BuiltWorlds Session: Hammad Chaudry, EllisDon

We had the opportunity to sit down with EllisDon’s National Director of Digital Project Delivery, Hammad Chaudry. Based in Ontario, Canada, the construction services company is one of the leading members in construction. In his chat with us, Chaudry delves into the roles of EllisDon, including the new expansion into construction tech space. Topics of conversation include the move to new modular division, structural changes, such as pharmaceutical, data studios, and the shift to heavy civil infrastructure across the nation.

Chaudry also explains tow AI has become more embedded in the construction process, and the possibility of informed decision making based off of AI. Additionally, this interview looks at the greater potential of BIM and VDC in the actual design process. Using BIM as more of a structured database with a graphic component, he believes that these components can have a positive impact on these initial processes in construction. 

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