Demo Drop: Incentifind

Watch our Demo Drop from the innovative startup Incentifind. IncentiFind is a dynamic startup that revolutionizes the way businesses engage with their customers through personalized incentives. By harnessing the power of data analytics and machine learning, IncentiFind offers a cutting-edge platform that helps companies deliver targeted rewards and incentives to their customers, driving customer loyalty and boosting sales.

Incentifind joined our April Venture Forum to pitch alongside a cohort of startups with the potential to change the industry. The BuiltWorlds Venture Forum is a dynamic platform that brings together innovative startups, industry leaders, and investors in the construction and built environment sectors. This exclusive event serves as a hub for collaboration and showcases groundbreaking ideas that are revolutionizing the industry. At the heart of the Venture Forum are the monthly Demo Days, where a carefully curated selection of startups present their cutting-edge technologies and solutions. These Demo Days provide an invaluable opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to a highly engaged audience comprising venture capitalists, industry executives, and thought leaders. The forum not only facilitates meaningful connections and partnerships but also fosters an environment of learning and knowledge-sharing, empowering startups to accelerate their growth and make a significant impact on the built world.