About LitCon Group

LitCon Group is a provider of construction related services including project management, claims management, dispute avoidance/resolution, litigation support, and expert testimony (as needed).

We offer dispute resolution expertise to contractors, owners, insurance companies, design professionals, governments, and outside counsel in both public and private contracting arenas. This expertise, together with our in-depth, independent, and objective approach to analyzing problem projects, allows our clients to effectively evaluate the strength of their case and make educated business decisions.

LitCon also has considerable experience working with clients prior to the onset of a formal dispute, including the gathering, organization, and evaluation of key project documents, interviewing key project players, evaluating project schedules, preparing and/or assessing project cost issues involving change orders, claims, and requests for equitable adjustment, and assisting clients with negotiations.

Our experienced financial and accounting professionals have analyzed virtually every aspect of claim pricing, including direct and indirect impacts, delay costs, overhead applications, time value of money, and other damages. Our scheduling professionals routinely analyze critical path method (CPM) schedules in evaluating and resolving delay claims. Our experts are skilled at independently assessing what happened throughout a project, and effectively presenting the results in reports and demonstrative exhibits.

Key Facts

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Professional Services
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Consulting, Insurance, Legal