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Research Reports

Looking to perform a deep dive on a specific technology type? BuiltWorlds Standard & Enterprise members have the ability to request a custom report on up to 30 different technology types.

Infrastructure Technology Report 2022

September 28, 2022

Before reading further, it must be noted that while the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) will have a massive impact on this sector of construction, it will not be the centerpiece of this report. Rather, with the severe increase in dollars heading towards the infrastructure sector, this report seeks […]

Offsite Construction Benchmarking Report

August 24, 2022

Major Trends in Offsite Construction The BuiltWorlds Benchmarking Program program offers a benchmarking opportunity for technology adoption and utilization to Construction and Engineering Members of the BuiltWorlds Network. Since its conception, the BuiltWorlds Survey Report has aimed to identify leading construction technology solutions across five key categories; PreConstruction, Project Management […]

Project Management SaaS Venture Report

August 1, 2022

Venture Report: Project Management SaaS The pandemic’s digital tailwind compressed five years of tech adoption into the building ecosystem in a matter of five months, and entrepreneurs have been racing into this space with foundational enterprise cloud solutions. Project management software has become one of the more saturated niches within […]

Field Solutions Construction Technology Report

Field Solutions Report

July 27, 2022

Want access to our full set of research? Enterprise level memberships include our full suite of research reports that are continuously developed and released throughout the year. This enterprise-level reports include unlimited access to our Tech Specialty Reports, Venture Pipeline, and more! Click the link to find out more about […]

Preconstruction Venture Report – Planning for the Future of the Built World

July 25, 2022

Preconstruction Venture Report Planning for the Future of the Built World The built world has been struggling with technological abstinence for decades, and now immediate-term economic risks have cash-gorged construction leaders embracing digital adoption with enthusiasm. More than 75% of construction projects go over budget or end up behind schedule […]

Q2 2022 Venture Report

July 11, 2022

The pandemic lockdown and its globalized repercussions have driven a fundamental change into virtually every corner of our economy, as humanity experienced 10 years of digital pull forward in a matter of 10 months. The BuiltWorlds ecosystem – which encompasses the structural framework of Industry 4.0 (the next iteration of […]