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Looking to perform a deep dive on a specific technology type? BuiltWorlds Standard & Enterprise members have the ability to request a custom report on up to 30 different technology types.

BuiltWorlds 2021 Infrastructure Tech Report

September 22, 2021

American Infrastructure and Its Future  The United States’ economy remains the world’s largest, yet it only maintains the 13th best infrastructure according to a 2019 report by the World Economic Forum – one of its lowest benchmark performance areas, based on the report. The fact that the majority of U.S. […]

Q2 2021 Investment Activity Summary – Request

July 22, 2021

Complete the form within to get an in depth look at the Built Industry Venture activity that took place during Q2 2021.

2021 Project Management & Oversight & Field Solutions Technology Report

July 14, 2021

The Built World is ever-changing-everywhere you look it is constantly influenced by innovative construction technology and ideas. These new advancements can help companies, regardless of size, expedite processes and increase safety in many areas of their work. Given the many possible directions available when implementing new tech, the decision-making process […]

Ahead Of The American Jobs Plan, Built Industry Venture Deals See A Boost In Q1 2021 – Request

April 12, 2021

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2020 Full Year Pre-Construction Survey Report: Contractor Adoption Rates and the Solutions Gaining the Most Use

February 24, 2021

Learning About The Future of Construction Logistics Plans with HERE Technologies Report Overview, Introduction As engineering and construction companies look to keep up with or even lead the industry in adoption of technology, BuiltWorlds’ Benchmarking and Survey Program provides the members a yardstick to see where they are actually adopting […]

2020 VDC Staffing Report

Virtual Design and Construction Benchmarking Report: Team Sizes, Staffing Plans, Trends

October 3, 2020

While venture investors and technologists tend to focus on exciting new developments in construction technology, that technology cannot gain traction if industry players are unprepared to assimilate it.  In two of our benchmarking surveys conducted this year, our Pre-Construction Benchmarking Survey and our Buildings Benchmarking Survey, we have identified important […]