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Hammad Chaudhry

Through engaging with BuiltWorlds research, EllisDon has gained valuable insights. The data and perspective provided by BuiltWorlds has facilitated informed decision-making and a deeper understanding of our industry's opportunities and challenges. Overall, it has become a key piece in our toolbox as we continue our innovation journey.

— Hammad Chaudry, National Director Digital Project Delivery, EllisDon

Eric Lamb Maverick-01

“We really enjoy the discussions and collaboration with the other builders as well as seen in meeting some of the new startups and what’s happening out there in the industry and it’s been a terrific return for us and our time and we look forward to future meetings.”

— Eric Lamb, Director, DPR Construction


Builtworlds’ research serves as an extension of our organization’s innovation efforts by supporting teams in detecting signal through the noise of a very busy Contech market. We use the events within the BuiltWorlds community to network with like-minded folks to help align with similar organizations to swap resources, lessons learned, and stories as we are all trying to move the industry forward together.”

— William Cotten, Innovation Leader, Impetus

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The built world is always changing. New challenges, new technologies, new priorities — it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of it all. We’ll work arm in arm with you to understand what it is you’re after, provide a clear roadmap to success and empower you every step of the way.

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BuiltWorlds Research Tracks

BuiltWorlds Research Tracks are add-ons to our base memberships (that include tickets, user licenses, etc.) which allow users to customize the deep level research they are most interested in.

Topic-Focused Meetings Keep Members Connected and Informed Year-Round.

Eight Topic-Focused, Multi-Day Conferences

Weekly Analyst Calls Featuring Thought Leading Network Members

Monthly Peer Group Forum Meetings For Deeper Discussions of Issues Related to Specific Key Topic Areas

Programming is Curated and Led By Our BuiltWorlds Analyst Team to Ensure Quality and Context and Available In-Person and Online To Maximize Member Participation Opportunities.

3.6.24 Analyst Call – Preconstruction I: Bid Management

As of 2024, BuiltWorlds is splitting “Bid Management” and “Prequalification” into two unique subcategories within our Preconstruction research. This call will specifically address Bid Management technology, its current functionality, some possible drawbacks, and explore what these types of solutions are truly capable of. Stay tuned for more information on guest speakers. Click Here to Register […]

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3.13.24 Analyst Call – Field Management I: Workforce Management

In an era of labor shortages and evolving workforce dynamics within the AEC industry, the need for efficient workforce management has never been more critical. Join us on the 3-13-24 Analyst Call as we explore the challenges posed by the skilled labor shortage and how the right workforce management solutions can address these issues, maintaining […]

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3.20.24 Analyst Call – Preconstruction II: Scheduling

This BuiltWorlds Analyst Call is the second in a series of four Building Tech sessions scheduled for 2024. Following the conversation regarding Bid Management technology from earlier this month, the March 20th call will shift the focus to scheduling solutions/software. Scheduling software enables teams to coordinate all activities and trades on a project to deliver […]

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3.27.24 Analyst Call – T/E/R II: Fleet Management & Monitoring Solutions

Join us on BuiltWorlds’ 3-27-24 Analyst Call to explore how fleet management solutions are driving transformation in the construction industry. Contractors of all sizes are recognizing the indispensable role of these tools, and we’ll draw from insights in BuiltWorlds’ 2023 Tools, Equipment, and Robotics Benchmarking Research Report to provide context. Our panel of experts will […]

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2024 Venture West Conference

About Venture West: Venture West 2023 saw $127.5B in aggregate investor AUM dedicated to advancing this paper-trailing industry. 2024 is poised to bring together even more innovation-driving Venture Capital. Venture West brings together corporate leaders, innovators, and investors at the heart of the built environment’s digital transformation. BuiltWorlds Venture Conference series has become the world’s […]

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4.10.24 Analyst Call – Sustainable Jobsite II: Waste Management

In the second installment of BuiltWorlds’ Sustainable Jobsites Analyst Call series, we’ll be taking a deep dive into Waste Management Technology and processes. Waste Management solutions are integral in helping the AEC industry track the amount of waste produced on jobsites, manage where it’s coming from and going, and ultimately, minimize the environmental impact of […]

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Industry CEO Forum – Annual Meeting

The CEO Forum is an exclusive, high level and interactive meeting of peers. Since we first hosted our CEO Tech Forum in 2016, the AEC Industry has witnessed a tectonic shift in the role of technology. Once a function delegated to IT, industry players have increasingly recognized the critical role of technology in every aspect […]

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4.24.24 Analyst Call – Building Tech II: Planning & Design

With the emergence of advanced technology like AI in solutions the AEC industry uses every day, the need to understand what trends are here to stay and which are fads is paramount. The April 24th Analyst Call will address this issue, specifically as it relates to Planning & Design solutions. Hear from technology providers looking […]

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5.1.24 Analyst Call – AI/ML II: Data Management, Governance, & Warehousing

Join us on BuiltWorlds’ 5-1-24 Analyst Call to explore the role of data management in the effectiveness of AI applications. This call is the second in a series of three AI/ML-focused analyst calls scheduled for 2024. The AEC industry, which consists of complex projects generating vast amounts of data throughout their lifecycle, has been slow […]

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5.8.24 Analyst Call – Preconstruction III: Contracting

BuiltWorlds’ May 8th Analyst Call is set to examine best practices and the advancing capabilities of “Contracting” solutions for the AEC industry. Contract and document management technology plays a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and organization in construction companies, especially as it pertains to recalling key information, collaboration, automating workflows, and analytics. Stay tuned for […]

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Analysis Covers Key Trends and More Than 60 Subtopics of Transformation Impacting our Industry, Including:

  • Preconstruction Planning
  • Project Management & Oversight
  • Smart Jobsites
  • Building Operations & Maintenance
  • Smart Building Products & Materials
  • Venture & Funding
  • Robotics
  • Modularization & Prefabrication
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction Tools & Equipment
  • Sustainability in Construction
  • Climate Tech in Buildings and Infrastructure

Hear From Our Members Why They Love BuiltWorlds:

"I love this because you're pushing people to think not just smarter, but bigger. Not a lot of industry organizations challenge leaders like this.”

– Jonathan Z, Real Estate Executive

“BuiltWorlds bridges the gap between technology and the built industry. And it’s working. We’re opening our eyes to opportunities we never saw before.”

– Steve C, General Contractor

“BuiltWorlds is raising the level of discourse about what’s happening in this industry. Construction has stagnated. We’ve had productivity loss where all other industries has had productivity gain. BuiltWorlds is filling that gap by getting people to think about technology in a different way.”

– Summit 2018 attendee

"The BuiltWorlds ecosystem has evolved into an incredible intersection of contractors, capital, software, and technology providers. I can't recommend this organization enough."

Brian Kramer, CEO, QualityBuilt

"BuiltWorlds Venture Conference was packed full of great industry content from the leading industry investors to the superstar emerging technology start-ups."

Greg Howard, CEO, TrenLot Inc 

"I love BuiltWorlds. Your meetings have always delivered valuable content and gathered a great mix of leaders driving change in our vertical."

Paul Shahriari, Founder and CEO, ecomedes

“Impressive content delivered in digestible chunks. Well done.”

“Well done, BuiltWorlds. Rather than throw in the towel, you found a different and innovative platform for the Summit. The content was even more relevant in today’s disrupted economy, so I’m very grateful to have been able to participate–even if remotely.” -Jon Pahl, Nabholz Construction.

“BuiltWorlds is a phenomenal resource for those in the AEC industry, in particular their Summit, which brings together thought leadership and practical application of innovation that can impact the industry. Thank you for pivoting to the virtual format this year in response to COVID-19 to bring this valuable content to the masses. Well done event!”

"In an industry that is so fragmented, where each company has its own unique challenges, organisations like Builtworlds take the critical role of matching partners sharing a common vision so that the magic can happen. Making our first steps in the US with the new program is an easy choice, as it would assure we build our foundations in the market with the right partners." 

-Roy Danon - Co-Founder & CEO, Buildots


"In an industry that is so fragmented, where each company has its own unique challenges, organizations like BuiltWorlds take the critical role of matching partners sharing a common vision so that the magic can happen."

-James Swanston - CEO, Voyage Control