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Fragmented. Siloed. Behind.

It’s no secret: the built world has been painfully slow to innovate. Tech adoption in the buildings and infrastructure space depends on investment by a vast, fragmented, and siloed universe of businesses that operate on thin margins, little capital and invest the least of any industry in technology and research.

Thus, we’re behind. Way behind comparable industries in productivity. In attracting talent. In safety and risk. And in the quality of its end products.

Introducing the BuiltWorlds Member Network:
A New Network for a New Generation

BuiltWorlds is the premier, global professional network fueling the conversation on emerging technology and new approaches in cities, buildings and infrastructure.

Architecture. Engineering. Construction. Real Estate. Tech. Venture Capital & Finance. Our network is vast, global, and consists of all major stakeholders contributing to a better built world.


300% Growth

over the past 12 months

Breakdown of Event Attendees by Seniority

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featured members

200 member companies and growing!


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We Attract the Industry’s Emerging Tech Leaders

Stacy Scopano

Stacy Scopano, VP of Innovation, Skanska


Darren Bechtel, Founder, Brick and Mortar Ventures

Pepper, Jake NEW square

Jake Pepper, VP, Pepper Construction


Roger Krulak, SVP, Full Stack Modular Construction

30ba430 2

Michael T. Young, Director, Caterpillar Ventures


Chris Anderson, CEO, 3DR

Doug Chambers

Doug Chambers, VP, WeWork (formerly CEO at FieldLens)

Rahul Garg thumb

Rahul Garg, US IoT Commercial Lead, Microsoft


Jake Olsen, VP, Stanley Black and Decker


Aaron Block, Co-Founder, MetaProp NYC


Jesse Devitte, Co-Founder, Borealis Ventures


Paul Doherty, CEO, The Digit Group

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Through our high-impact events, topical research and insights, original news, and our digital platform, our Member Network is giving industry and tech companies the insights and connections to thrive in the face of disruptive change.

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We’re talking the emerging tech trends transforming our industry, right now…

  • Drones in Project Management
  • IoT and Smart Buildings
  • Smart Cities
  • Connected Job Sites
  • Scanning and Modeling
  • Modular Fabrication
  • AR/VR
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics in Construction
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  • Computational Design
  • The Next Generation of Workers

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  • Want to maximize your relationship with BuiltWorlds? BuiltWorlds is pleased to announce a Strategic Partnership Opportunity to leading industry companies who are ready to take the next step in their innovation goals and want to support the significant expansion of BuiltWorlds’ ongoing news, events, research, and member network effort. These leaders will join the push to create the industry’s leading platform for peer-supported research into the trends and technologies shaping the industries that serve the built world.

What You Get: Membership Benefits

Membership TypesBasic StandardEnterprise
Exclusive Video: Thought Leader Interviews and
Panel Sessions from Events
Tech MemosXX
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(including Venture, Cities, Workforce, and
Construction Tech)
Company SnapshotsX
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20% off - Discount on Sponsored ResearchXX
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Venture calls and Access to Venture Demo Day)
Ability to Commision Tech Memos (*additional
costs may apply)
Ticket Packages for BuiltWorlds Conferences31020
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(Hackathon, Venture, Projects LA)
Access to VIP Receptions and OffsitesXX
Access to Attendee List and Attendee
Vaults through Digital Portal
50% off 2 BuiltWorlds Summit TicketsXX
1 Complimentary BuiltWorlds Summit TicketX
1 Supporting Sponsorship at a BW ConferenceX
20% off - Discount on Event SponsorshipXXX
User Licenses to access Member Digital Portal21020
Access to Venture Deal Board and Innovation
BuiltWorlds Premium Directory PageXXX
Member Network Newsletter (monthly)XXX
Dedicated Partnership ExecutiveX
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Case Studies: A Taste of the Power of Our Network

Through an introduction at a BuiltWorlds event, Site 1001, developer of a smart facilities management platform, met Gilbane, one of the largest privately-held, family-owned construction and real estate development firms. At the time, Gilbane’s Facilities Services Management team was working with a client that builds state-of-the-art alternative fuel processing facilities. One of Gilbane’s goals was to assist the client in identifying an FM platform that would meet their requirements for managing the maintenance of their business critical processing plant. The solution needed to have a simplified user interface, be easy to use, and be rapidly deployed. Through Gilbane, Site 1001 was connected to the customer who has since selected Site 1001 and is currently onboarding the solution. Site 1001 will be training Gilbane’s Facilities Services Management team to become a Value Added Reseller of the product so that they can offer the Site 1001 platform as part of their operations and maintenance solutions set.

The following was an email sent from Zach Scheel, CEO, Rhumbix, to our co-founder Matt Abeles:

“I’m mid-air right now flying back from Toronto, where I was meeting with Chris Ovens at Modern Niagara, the largest mechanical contractor in Canada. I wanted to see if there’d be an opportunity to do a joint presentation with Chris at the Summit. The first time Chris heard of Rhumbix was at the CEO Tech Forum last year. In the months following the Tech Forum he reached out to me, we launched a pilot with Modern Niagara, and we’ve since entered into a three year contract as well as a co-development agreement, where they’re providing invaluable feedback to help us build out our platform.”

BuiltWorlds met Iris VR at the University of Washington Hackathon in Sept 2014. They immediately came on as a startup member and had one goal: funding. BuiltWorlds made the introduction to the largest VC in Chicago, Pritzker Group, and Pritzker subsequently invested $10M in Iris.

Through a facilitated introduction by another BuiltWorlds member, Capital Construction Solutions started talks with Procore to join their app marketplace team. This additional exposure (Procore reaches over 1.5 million users), gave their app new life. Since then, Capital Construction Solutions has raised money, grown their team substantially, and are an exclusive app in the Procore app marketplace.

What Members Are Saying

“BuiltWorlds delivers a high ROI through its robust network and timely technology insights. The team’s expertise and the new Member Portal have given us the ability to connect directly with key stakeholders and decision makers to increase our client list and help us create a lasting footprint in the built space industry.”

– Marielle Lafaire, machineQ (a Comcast service)

“You guys have it going there.
Keep up the great work!”

– Don Henrich, President Assemble Systems

“BuiltWorlds is playing a huge role in connecting technology with the broader built industry. And this community that you’ve managed to bring together is an incredible resource.”

– Lauren Lake, Structural Engineer and Co-Founder, Bridgit

“Really impressed with it all, the turnout, the quality of the speakers, and quality of content.”

– Anthony B., Helix.re (formerly Flux.io)


“Let me keep it simple.
Builtworlds hosts great events.”

– Andrew Dennison, Uplift Data Partners

“I tried to talk myself out of attending the conference. Thank God I didn't. Within minutes of arriving I knew one thing, the BuiltWorlds conference was going to bring a hell of a lot more value than most. Well done!”

– Ray Antonino (PermitZone)


Invest in Connections.
Invest in Insights.
Invest in Innovation.

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