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Over the past 4 years, BuiltWorlds has grown. Exploded really. We're hosting sold-out conferences and meet-ups, we've got subscribers clamoring for our weekly newsletter and companies turning to our network to help them solve their most pressing innovation problems. Now, we're making it even easier to get the most out of everything BuiltWorlds has to offer. 

Welcome to the BuiltWorlds Member Network. As a BuiltWorlds Member, you’ll tap into a wealth of benefits across our platform, from tickets to all our events to sponsored content to exclusive research opportunities. 

You'll be in good company - our Member Network is currently 100+ companies strong (growing every week) and our Member newsletter also goes out to more than 2,400 subscribers every month. We'll assign you an account manager to help you make the most of your membership and with a brand new member-only digital portal to help you easily unlock all your member benefits, joining the BuiltWorlds community has never been easier.

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What's in a BuiltWorlds Membership?


"BuiltWorlds is playing a huge role in connecting technology with the broader built industry. And this community that you’ve managed to bring together is an incredible resource." 

— Lauren Lake, Structural Engineer & Co-Founder of Bridgit

"I love this because you're pushing people to think not just smarter, but bigger. Not a lot of industry organizations challenge leaders like this.”

– Jonathan Z., Real Estate Executive, Chicago

“BuiltWorlds bridges the gap between technology and the built industry. And it’s working. We’re opening our eyes to opportunities we never saw before.”

– Steve Crowley, Graycor

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