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Since 2014, across the industry's silos and around the world, nobody has informed, connected and inspired the Built World ecosystem like - BuiltWorlds.


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We’re talking the emerging trends transforming our industry, across:

  • Preconstruction Planning
  • Project Management & Oversight
  • Smart Jobsites
  • Building Operations & Maintenance
  • Smart Building Products & Materials
  • Venture & Funding
  • Robotics
  • Modularization & Prefabrication
  • Infrastructure
  • Robotics & Construction Tools & Equipment
  • Construction Technology
  • And More!

"I love this because you're pushing people to think not just smarter, but bigger. Not a lot of industry organizations challenge leaders like this.”

– Jonathan Z, Real Estate Executive

“BuiltWorlds bridges the gap between technology and the built industry. And it’s working. We’re opening our eyes to opportunities we never saw before.”

– Steve C, General Contractor

“BuiltWorlds is raising the level of discourse about what’s happening in this industry. Construction has stagnated. We’ve had productivity loss where all other industries has had productivity gain. BuiltWorlds is filling that gap by getting people to think about technology in a different way.”

– Summit 2018 attendee

"The BuiltWorlds ecosystem has evolved into an incredible intersection of contractors, capital, software, and technology providers. I can't recommend this organization enough."

Brian Kramer, CEO, QualityBuilt

"BuiltWorlds Venture Conference was packed full of great industry content from the leading industry investors to the superstar emerging technology start-ups."

Greg Howard, CEO, TrenLot Inc 


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