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Smart Cities Shift: As The World Launches Mega Infrastructure Projects, These Presenters Show How Infrastructure Thinking is Changing

Listening to talks at our Global Summit earlier this month, one would think the United States is lagging far behind the rest of the world on Infrastructure and falling farther behind every day. The D+ Report Card on America’s Infrastructure from the American Association of Civil Engineers, citing the dire need for repair and replacement […]

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Analytics and IoT Technology is Coming to Infrastructure Projects: Three Presentations on Pre-Construction, Construction, and Maintenance

Technology companies, large and small, have their sights on infrastructure this year. Across a spectrum of drones, sensor technology, predictive analytics, and other technologies, applications are being honed specifically to help better plan, build, operate and maintain transit, water, energy, waste, communications and other non-building projects. As pictured above, large companies like Autodesk, Bentley, and […]

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In Focus: Five Reasons Building Materials May Be the Key to the Built World’s Transformation

Building products and materials companies are facing an unprecedented period of disruption, and that change, fueled by digital trends, is key to the building and infrastructure sectors’ overall transformation. Buying software is influencing the selection of materials. IoT technologies provide more data about the actual performance of materials.  Robotics and modular fabrication is driving changes […]

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Global Innovators: Inside Leonard, Vinci’s Industry-Leading Open Innovation Accelerator

Among global innovation leaders (catalogued on our Global Innovators 50 List), few have worked as hard in as short a period of time to engage the global innovation ecosystem as Vinci. Launched in 2017, Leonard has emerged as physical and digital hub in the global leadership of the innovation conversation. Beyond being a physical space […]

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Global Innovators: David Wilson, CIO and Other Bechtel Leaders on Digital Transformation

This week’s Global Summit offers conversations with leaders fostering vibrant startup communities in their home countries, while also forging strong ties around the world. The result is a global marketplace of ideas, companies, and technologies propelling the industry into an unprecedented period of technology-leveraged gains in productivity and sustainability. One leading player in this mix […]

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Global Innovators: A Look at Obayashi’s ¥1 Billion Commitment to Construction Tech

As we prepared for this week’s Global Summit, cataloguing the activities of 50 Global Companies leading innovation in our sector, several companies stood out among even the top fifty. One such player is Japan’s, Obayashi. With interests in everything from engineering and construction to real estate to renewable and nuclear energy, the company’s just released […]

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Australian Robotic Bricklayer, FBR Breaks Out With “Walls As A Service,” Higher Speeds, Global Deals and Commercial Projects

The industry’s robotics players are on a tear. Moves by Perth, Australia based autonomous bricklayer robotics company FBR, Inc, including faster bricklaying speeds, global expansion of its “walls as a service” model with Mexico based Developer, GP Vivienda, and movement beyond residential into commercial construction are the latest evidence.   With news about 3D printer ICON’s […]

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Belgian Construction Giant, Besix, Pilots WakeCap Wearables & Other Construction Tech on Massive Dubai Tower Project

As with other smart job site IoT solutions, wearables are finally starting to make their way into more pilot programs on construction projects, as technologists and industry players sort through issues around ease of deployment, connectivity, and clarity of value propositions. Via this case study of a pilot program run on super tall building project […]

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Bentley’s Strong IPO Signals More Construction Tech Exits Coming

The news that Bentley Systems has gone public on the NASDAQ signals strong interest in construction tech companies serving the Buildings and Infrastructure market and almost certainly will lead to more such infrastructure technology exits in the months to come. According to a September 23rd article by Seeking Alpha, Bentley shareholders raised $236 million in […]

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W.M. Jordan and Netarus Case Study: VDC Pros Create Smart Equipment With Reality Capture

We have written at length recently about the changes afoot in the realm of equipment management, but equally interesting are the ways contractors such as W.M. Jordan are modifying their equipment with reality capture cameras and other technology to make it into “smart equipment.”  Frustration with the perception of the construction equipment manufacturer’s pace of […]

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October Buildings Call: Advances in Materials

10/21/20 10 am CST – This call will explore the recent advancements made in innovative buildings materials, and the shifting attitude towards adoption. We’ll hear about how the steel industry is pursuing speed on all fronts to gain preference, and we’ll also hear about how next generation materials selection technology is both helping identify and […]

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October Project Management Call: Prefabrication Methods & Modularization

10/28/20 10 am CST – What are the industry’s views on the importance of implementing pre-fabrication building methods? Has this attitude shifted in recent years? Modular buildings have also played a major recent role given COVID driven healthcare facility shortages and complications. What does the outlook on modular and prefab methods look like going forward?

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E&C Technology Leaders Forum – October Meeting

10/29/20 10:00am CT – The E&C Technology Leaders Forum is a private group of technology leaders from the construction and engineering companies in the BW Member Network. The Forum meets monthly (virtually) to discuss pressing construction tech topics, share/compare notes, and, in general, hold a conversation with other industry experts about tech adoption/utilization in the […]

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November Smart Jobsites Call: Equipment Management Software Integration

The construction industry is currently in an environment of rapid technological change.  Equipment Management Software integration is becoming an important aspect to manage that change for key stakeholders throughout the construction value chain.

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Venture Forum & Venture+ Pitch Event – 11/10/20

BuiltWorlds Demo Days provide the opportunity for startups to present their game-changing solutions directly to BuiltWorlds members who have a strong focus on strategic investing.  These private pitch events are held monthly, are made fully available to Venture Forum members, and periodically available to Venture+ members.  For more information on specific venture members, and the […]

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November Venture Call: VC & Accelerator Relationships With Their Portfolio

11/11/20 10:00am CST – In this call we’ll hear from two different investor group types in the built environment, an accelerator that focuses on earlier stage technologies, and a traditional VC investor.  They’ll each be joined by a startup in their portfolio, and we’ll get an understanding on how closely the groups try and work […]

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YPO CIN Exclusive Venture Webinar

11/12/20 10AM CDT – Join us as we host this exclusive YPO-BuiltWorld member only webinar where we will highlight the 2020 investment activity in the construction industry, specific trends that are attracting the attention of investors, and explore the increasing role corporate partners are playing in this investment landscape.

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Engineering & Construction Adoption Leaders 50

Discussion with 2020 Nominees: Innovation Analysts, Data Science Managers, AI Directors, Acceleration Leaders, and more. These are some of the new positions engineering and construction companies are adding to their teams to help them identify promising technologies, map out tech leveraged business strategies, integrate and disseminate that tech across organizations. In this session, we will […]

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Venture Conference Day 1: Demo Day Competition

12/2/20 – BuiltWorlds Demo Days provide the opportunity for startups to present their game-changing solutions directly to BuiltWorlds members who have a strong focus on strategic investing.  Our Demo Day Competitions include a panel of judges (made up of executives, investors & technologists) interested in built world technology across categories like Robotics, People Solutions, Sensors/Wearables, Risk Management, Marketplaces, and more. 

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Venture Conference Day 2

12/3/20 – BuiltWorlds Venture Conference brings together the most credible, sophisticated, and engaged investors in the built industry. Whether you’re an early- to later-stage start-up looking to meet investors interested in advancing our industry or a corporate investor looking to engage with some of the most promising technology solutions, our Venture Conference is the place […]

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