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The world’s oldest industry - the built industry - gets a bad rap for good reason. It’s painfully slow-moving and slow to adapt to just about any change.

BuiltWorlds is the exclusive network of the built industry’s largest companies, leading startups, and most respected thought leaders, trying to do something about it.

Architecture. Engineering. Construction. Real Estate. Tech. Universities. among others.

We’re the only industry network comprised of all of the major stakeholders in our built world, all fueled by one profound goal: to drive innovation and advance our industry.

You don't want to miss being a part of it.

BuiltWorlds is playing a huge role in connecting technology with the broader built industry. And this community that you’ve managed to bring together is an incredible resource.

— Lauren Lake, Structural Engineer and Co-Founder of Bridgit

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More than ever in a digital world, it’s clear that knowledge and relationships are what matter in business.

That’s why we created The BuiltWorlds Member Network -- to help deliver knowledge you can't get anywhere else and introduce you to the people who can help you solve major business pain points, make strategic connections, and stay educated on important industry topics.

Through our events, and supporting original written and video content, we’re starting conversations no one else is having. And they’re accelerating innovation.

Today, you can join this exclusive group and get the following benefits...



As a member, you’ll have access to:

  • 16 tickets to 2018 BuiltWorlds Events. This year, we host 8 premium industry events across the country. Members get a total of 16 pooled tickets to use however they want (i.e. you can use all 16 at one event or 2 for each event) *you can also give them to clients or contribute them to a "scholarship pool" for students, academics, non profit volunteers
  • 50% off a BuiltWorlds Summit ticket. Our 3-day marquee event featuring the built industry’s leading companies, hottest startups, and most respected thought leaders.
  • 20% off all BuiltWorlds Premium Offerings. Our premium offerings are what give your company a unique marketing advantage over the competition. They include sponsored written content, custom video, events sponsorships, website advertising, and more.
  • The Exclusive BuiltWorlds Network News email. A monthly newsletter exclusive to Members connecting you with network members, upcoming events, and other special offers exclusively for BuiltWorlds network members. (once you join, we’ll introduce you in this newsletter!)
  • Access to Insights and Connections Program. Our Insights and Connections Program gives you access to BuiltWorlds research and data, and provides facilitated introductions to leaders in the BuiltTech space
    *additional fees apply
  • Special opportunities to participate in our written content, shows, and events. When our events team is programming speakers for our next big event, or when our content creators need experts to weigh in on features for articles and videos, we first turn to Members.
  • Access to BuiltWorlds' Careers offerings. Includes three free job postings on our industry leading job board
  • BuiltWorlds Premium Directory Page. A landing page that hosts all of your company’s stories, it’s latest initiatives, press mentions and more...It's the heart of your presence in the BuiltWorlds digital community.
  • BuiltWorlds Coffee Talks. A monthly webinar series hosted exclusively for Members designed to help your organization accelerate innovation by connecting you with the major tech innovators from the BuiltWorlds ecosystem

A Match Made at BuiltWorlds

Startup Cuts Deal With Large Mechanical Contractor

The following was an email sent from Zach Sheel, CEO, Rhumbix,
to our co-founder Matt Abeles:

I’m mid-air right now flying back from Toronto, where I was meeting with Chris Ovens at Modern Niagara, the largest mechanical contractor in Canada. I wanted to see if there’d be an opportunity to do a joint presentation with Chris at the Summit. The first time Chris heard of Rhumbix was at the CEO Tech Forum last year. In the months following the Tech Forum he reached out to me, we launched a pilot with Modern Niagara, and we’ve since entered into a three year contract as well as a co-development agreement, where they’re providing invaluable feedback to help us build out our platform.

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