BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Members' Portfolio

Each member company in the BuiltWorlds Venture Forum does its own investing in the sector. Some members are more active investors. Others are more in a learning mode. The Forum presents an opportunity for all of them to learn from and share with each other, based on their diverse perspectives on the overall ecosystem and regardless of how they are investing.

While different forum members are in different places in their strategic investment journey, collectively, the members are among the most active in the sector, providing a a robust platform for startups and strategics, alike.

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Representative Startup Investments by Forum Members

Advanced Products, Materials, Sustainability


Design, AI, Inspection Automation, and Planning

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Equipment and Robotics

Equipment and Materials Marketplaces

Connectivity, Antena, IoT

Modularization, Prefbrication, and Advance Manufacturing

Project and Field Management

Realiity Capture and Scanning Technology

Wearables and Workforce Solutions

Representative Built World Venture Fund Investments