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Fueled by our global member network, BuiltWorlds enables buildings & infrastructure professionals to make better informed decisions about digital business strategy, investment, and technology adoption in an increasingly complex and fast changing world.

Eight Industry-Leading Conferences & Summits Around the World:

The Buildings Conference

We want more out of our Buildings than ever: cost, speed to market, sustainability, agility, user experience, wellness, and more. Effective leverage of emerging technology and innovation in the planning process, selection of buildings materials and systems, and the operation and maintenance of buildings is critical to our ability to achieve these combined goals.

2023 Paris Summit

Summit focusing on Europe, Africa, and the Middle East Region, we plan to return to Paris. Drawing from the expert perspectives of community members across Europe, African, and The Middle East, we plan to gain uniquely valuable insights around how innovations like AI, robotics and smart buildings are continuously changing the way we work, how venture funds are playing a large part in the sector in that region of the world and beyond, and much more.

2023 Contech Conference

Previously known as our Projects Conference, we covered the topic in three parts: pre-construction and estimating, project oversight and business intelligence, and smart jobsites. As these topics have increasingly converged, the Construction Tech Conference is intended to look holistically at how technology is influencing the way we build – from pre-construction through construction functions, in the office as well as in the field.

2023 Americas Summit

The Americas Summit isn’t your normal Tech Conference. This three-day event is aimed at top-level, C-Suite executives in the construction tech space to share thought leadership and learn from peers in the industry about emerging trends and directionally where the industry is headed.

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Enterprise Membership

$10,000 Annually
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  • 15 total user licenses ($300 per additional license)
  • 10 total conference tickets (non-Summit) - $17,500 value
  • 2 Summit tickets - $8,000 value
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$ 15,000 Annually
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$ 30,000 Annually
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  • 2 Paris Summit tickets - $8,000 value
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  • Quarterly custom-tailored reports utilizing BuiltWorlds proprietary resources

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Digital+ Membership

$3,000 Annually
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  • Access to conference livestreams, weekly analyst-led calls, applicable monthly forums, and video recordings
  • 20% off ticket purchases to in-person events
  • Access to basic research
  • Contractors who participate in the survey program will receive tech stack assessment reports for each survey
  • Access to member directory

Network Membership

$ 6,000 Annually
  • All of the benefits of a Digital Membership
  • 5 total user licenses ($400 per additional license)
  • 5 conference tickets (non-Summit) - $8,750 value
  • 1 Summit ticket - $3,000 value
  • 50% off two additional Summit tickets

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