BuiltWorlds Digital Badges and Distinctions Guidelines

Maverick Winners 2018, Digital Badges

About BuiltWorlds Digital Badges

BuiltWorlds offers numerous digital badges of distinction in an effort to promote awareness and education in the Buildings and Infrastructure Community. In conjunction with these efforts, we provide certain digital badges of distinction to those companies and people highlighting. Below is criteria for use of those badges.

Badges may be awarded on a variety of criteria. They may be based on editorial selection, usage information gathered from surveys, or votes from member juries. In no case are badges intended to be endorsements of a product or service by BuiltWorlds or its affiliates, and in no case have the representations of companies been rigorously reviewed by the BuiltWorlds team or its representatives or affiliates for verification.


Guidelines for the Use Of BuiltWorlds Badges

  • BuiltWorlds Badges are the copyrighted property of BuiltWorlds and may only be used with the express, written consent of BuiltWorlds and its affiliates. BuiltWorlds reserves the right to request the removal of any BuiltWorlds logo material that is found to be inconsistent with these guidelines or is otherwise contrary to the spirit of the awards or damaging to BuiltWorlds’ reputation.
  • Badges may not be altered in any way without the express written approval of BuiltWorlds.
  • Digital Badges may only be used in digital media and must link back to the appropriate, related pages on the BuiltWorlds site where appropriate guidelines, clarifications, and disclaimers can be accessed.
  • Digital Badges must reflect the year granted where applicable, and badges such as Member and Catalyzer Badges may only be displayed during the period when a company is an active, current member of the BuiltWorlds Network and actively engaged in the applicable forum, program, or group.

A partial listing of BuiltWorlds Badges includes:

BuiltWorlds Top Lists

BuiltWorlds Mavericks for those Listed on our Annual Mavericks List

BuiltWorlds Mavericks 50 List 2020

BuiltWorlds Catalyzer Badge for Members of our BuiltWorlds Catalyzer Program

Catalyzer Badge

Digital Leader Badges in Conjunction with our Benchmarking and Surveys Program

Estimating 2021 Digital Leader Badge

Member Badges Which Members of our Network May Display as Long as They Are Current Members.

Member Network Badge

All badges are property of BuiltWorlds, and BuiltWorlds reserves sole right to approve their usage or require their removal.