Innovation Exchange

Beyond BuiltWorlds Own Activities, we know our members are engaged in many efforts to improve the industry. They organize Demo Days, Pilot Projects, Collaborative and Problem Solving Industry Initiatives, Hackathons, Research Projects, and even other Events. We want to help our members present those opportunities to other members in an organized way, and so, for that, we have created the Innovation Exchange.

How it works: Members can post a request on the exchange, which goes out to the entire BW community. Interested parties can respond to the request and apply to participate.

What requests can you post? Activities that help foster insight and innovation within the built world. For example:

  • Notices of Demo Days you are hosting or challenges you want to sponsor where you want to invite other member companies to participate.
  • Research projects you are undertaking where you are looking for BuiltWorlds Member participation.
  • Industry Collaborative efforts where you are looking for involvement from members.
  • Events you are hosting where you are looking for speakers.
  • Hackathons you are hosting where you are looking for participants.
  • It could also be an opportunity for people to join a BuiltWorlds Forum you would are interested to start around a particulate topic or issue.
  • etc.

What it's not for: It isn't for selling. It isn't for fundraising. It isn't a job board (we already have one of those). It also isn't a discussion board to engage in conversation around a question or topic. We have one of those, too - General Discussion Forum. It is about opportunities to collaborate around an event or a project.

How to Post Your Opportunity For the Community: Follow this Innovation Exchange Request link to submit your opportunity.  The submission will be reviewed, and, if deemed consistent with the spirit of the exchange, it will be posted to the board. We ask that people include an end date for each posting as well in order to ensure that our posts are all current for our members.

Exchange Request Listings