Innovation Exchange

We’ve heard you loud and clear — in order to innovate, you need resources. So we started a marketplace to connect you with other members and help you find what you need. It’s like the classifieds…but better!

How it works: Members can post a request on the exchange, which goes out to the entire BW community. Interested parties can respond to the request and apply to solve the problem.

What requests can you post? Activities that help foster insight and innovation within the built world. For example:

  • Case studies on city projects for conference
  • Connected city experts for Fortune 500 company
  • Beta testers for new project management app
  • Speaking opportunity for sustainability conference
  • Looking to partner with another construction firm
  • etc.

What it’s not for: It isn’t for selling. It isn’t for fundraising. It isn’t a job board (we already have one of those).

Exchange Request Listings