Technology Specialty Reports

Reports below are password protected, and available to BuiltWorlds Standard or Enterprise Members only. Members can request a report by completing the form at the button below.  If your company is not a member, you can complete the form, and a member of the team will contact you to review the membership option that is best for your business.


Members have the ability to choose a report covering one of 30 different technology types below:

  • Collaboration & Documentation
  • Field Management
  • Materials Marketplaces
  • Robotics & Equipment
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Tool Trackin
  • Wearables

Not a Standard or Enterprise Member, but Interested in a Preview?

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BuiltWorlds Standard & Enterprise members are able to obtain access to a set amount of research summaries each quarter.  We offer a range of research reports, including our technology type sector reports that aim to break down an analysis of solutions in a particular sector.  These "technology-type" reports show the companies that are the top solutions and most relevant players in each category.

  • Standard members have the right to request up to one report a quarter.
  • Enterprise members have the right to request up to two reports a quarter.

Information Included in the Technology Sector Reports:

  • Scale of implementation of the selected solution according to BuiltWorlds Benchmarking Surveys.
  • The Top Solutions that fit the selected topic according to BuiltWorlds Benchmarking Surveys.
  • Solutions included in the relevant BuiltWorlds Top 50 List that fit the topic selected.
  • Other relevant solutions not identified in Benchmarking or Top 50 lists, but fit the topic selected.
  • Curated BuiltWorlds Articles & Videos that specifically fit the chosen solution type.

Other Recent Research Reports Avaible From BuiltWorlds:

Virtual Design and Construction Benchmarking Report: Team Sizes, Staffing Plans, Trends

While venture investors and technologists tend to focus on exciting new developments in construction technology, that technology cannot gain traction if industry players are unprepared to assimilate it.  In two of our benchmarking surveys conducted this year, our Pre-Construction Benchmarking Survey and our Buildings Benchmarking Survey, we have identified important trends in the establishment, growth, […]

2020 Construction Technology Report: Adoption and Effectiveness of Preconstruction, Project Management, and In-The-Field Solutions

The Built World is changing, accelerated by technological advancement from leading providers, emerging startups, venture players, innovative construction and engineering firms, and many other actors from inside and outside of the built environment. However, with the abundance of solutions available today, construction and technology leaders face difficult challenges when tasked with identifying, understanding, implementing, and […]

2019 Construction Technology Annual Report

A deep dive market report on the status of construction technology as it stands today in the industry. The report highlights companies providing solutions across technology that are causing disruption paired with case studies from the leading construction companies putting them into action. We seek to provide a ‘how-to’ for the industry when considering taking steps toward future-proofing their business.