A Community of Change Leaders in the Worlds of Buildings & Infrastructure.

It started with a question.

After decades of incremental improvement in the face of massive technological change, how will the buildings & infrastructure sector move through the productivity and quality transformation that other major economic sectors have already experienced?

It Began As a Digital Community Connecting, Sharing, and Learning

In the fall of 2013, BuiltWorlds analysts began harnessing the power of digital media, crowd sourcing, and open innovation, sharing what they were learning and who they were meeting via social media and drawing in ever more passionate, open, experts who shared even more insights and data. The resulting network effect produced a global community of thousands of people actively providing data and contacts, curated by our analyst team, who then shared with back with the community in the form of actionable insights and deeper understanding.

From the Community, A Powerful Research Network Emerged

BuiltWorlds emerged as a free community, fueled by subscribers and supported by a small groups of sponsors. However, as the community grew, more members of the community wanted to access more of BuiltWorlds' research and collaborate more actively with others in the community.  Striving to meet that need, the BuiltWorlds Member Network was formed, a research group within the larger BuiltWorlds Community, supporting the development of specific areas of research, collaborating in working forums, learning together in research tracks, and convening in person at conferences to go deeper into the research together, to compare notes in person, and to guide future research efforts.

From The Network, Research Tracks Developed to Help Members Go Deeper into Key Areas of Change

As BuiltWorlds adds Member Companies to its research network, the number of research tracks offers and the depth of research and connection also continues to grow, as members learn and connect through a comprehensive and immersive mix of in person and digitally delivered content and programs.

Change is Coming? Is Your Company Ready?

Join the BuiltWorlds Research Network today, and beginning harnessing the Power of the Network to drive change for your company. Visit our Member Network Page to find out how you can join and start gaining the insights and building the relationships to move your business and the whole industry forward!