2020 Venture Dashboard


This Venture Dashboard looks to capture venture investments during 2020 in real time.  Technology categories include solutions touching PropTech & ConTech areas like e-commerce, labor solutions, image capture, AI & more. Whether you're a startup looking for investment, an industry professional wanting context around the startup market, or an investor looking to track your peers, scroll through this list to better understand the investors and activity in real time.

The Venture Dashboard is sponsored by the Corporate Venture Forum, a group of forward thinking BuiltWorlds' E&C member companies looking to drive innovation by both investing & piloting emerging technologies in the space and to support the broader buildings and infrastructure technology ecosystem.

The Venture Dashboard is produced with support from the BuiltWorlds Venture Forum.

This Page is just a quick overview of Venture Activity summarized during 2020.  Further information and details on each investment and investor are available to BuiltWorlds Members.  Join the network for complete access to 2020 Venture Deal Information and the rest of what BuiltWorlds has to offer.

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Additional Information in the Member Version Includes:

  • Funding Type (Seed, Series A, B, C...etc)
  • Amount Raised (In exact USD)
  • Date of Announcement
  • List of Investors that Participated in each Deal
  • Summary of 2020 Investments Made by Each Investor

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2020 Deal Activity

2020 Active Investors

wdt_ID Company Name Company Specialty Amount Raised USD (Range) Month Announced # of Investors*

*Undisclosed Investors shown as "0"

wdt_ID Investor Name Investor Category Month of Investment Investment Category