2024 Paris Summit

June 24-27 | Paris, France


6.24.2024 - 6.27.2024


Paris Marriott Champs Elysees 70 Av. des Champs-Élysées Paris, 75008

BuiltWorlds' annual Paris Summit returns in June of 2024, convening leaders of innovation in the full life cycle of buildings and infrastructure from across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East as well as members of the BuiltWorlds Network from around the world. Our growing analyst team will share insights gleaned from their research on topics including sustainability and circular economy, the state of global contech investment, trends in green infrastructure, AI and data analytics in project management, construction robotics, and more. 


We are currently accepting speaker applications for this event. Please use the button below and fill out the application ASAP to be considered. The deadline for speaker submissions is December 1, 2023.

Speakers will automatically receive a free ticket to the general sessions.

Startups can take this opportunity as we program the Summit to apply to present at our Demo Night Competition. By participating in Demo Night, you are also afforded a free ticket to attend the general sessions the following day.

Preliminary Agenda

The BuiltWorlds Paris Summit will take place in multiple venues around Paris over four days of programming. On Monday, June 24th, Prior to the official start of the conference, as we continue to look at how emerging technology is actually being put to work, we will tour locations around Paris where we can see live case studies of new solutions applied to industry projects. Conference Research Group Meetings, General Sessions, and other programs will begin on June 25th.

Day 1 Schedule

Special Day of Partner Sessions

Details To Be Announced

Day 2 Schedule

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Building Tech Research Track Meeting: Sustainability

Europe's Built Worlds ecosystem has been ahead of most of the world in developing solutions aimed at decarbonization. In this meeting, we will assess that progress, how it is influencing infrastructure and buildings in Europe and where and how those solutions are faring beyond Europe.

12:00 pm – 14:30 pm

Venture Forum Meeting

Under that Venture Research Track, the Venture Forum is a private group of leading industry investors meeting to share best practices, deal flow, and to learn with the BuiltWorlds Analyst Team about the latest trends in the Built World investment landscape.

15:00 PM – 19:00 PM

BuiltWorlds Demo Night and Reception

Hear about the latest in the Built World investor landscape around the world from the BuiltWorlds Venture Analysts, watch pitches from the hottest startups in the region hand-picked by the BuiltWorlds Venture Team, meet some of the sectors leading invests, and see how those investor judge the evening's startup presentations.

20:00 PM – 23:00 PM

BuiltWorlds CEO Forum Dinner

Members of the BuiltWorlds Business Strategy Track will have the opportunity to network and share ideas over an intimate dinner with a special guest speaker to be named.

Day 3 Schedule

9:00 am – 18:00 PM
Marriott Champs Elysees

Paris Summit General Sessions

A full day of sessions exploring the leading themes in emerging technology and innovation in the Built Environment.

Topics we plan to cover include:
- Forging Effective Alliances Across Continents
- Is Europe's Sustainability Leadership A Global Advantage? Case Studies.
- How does adoption in Europe's Small and Medium Businesses Compare to Other Parts of the World?
- The State of European Hard Tech: Robotics, Materials, Modular
- How are Smarter, Greener Infrastructure Efforts Playing out in Europe and Beyond?
- Spotlight on Regional Ecosystems in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
- How will the Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology Influence Built World Business Models?
- The State of Venture Investing in the Sector in Europe and Around the World.

18:00 PM – 22:00 PM

Paris Summit Global Innovators Reception and Dinner

Gather with members and celebrate the companies that are working across geographic boundaries to support the industry's global innovation ecosystem.

Information about Event Venues

Each day of the BuiltWorlds Paris Summit will be held at a different venue around Paris with our different host partners. There will also be evening events which may also be held in different locations. Please be sure to check the conference program, emails, and agenda to ensure you know where to be and are signed up for each event.

How To Register to Attend the Paris Summit

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