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News is breaking in the built world every day. Unfortunately, without data, objectivity, or effective curation, it mostly ends up as noise. Enter the BuiltWorlds Weekly Analyst Briefings. Each week, our Analysts break down an important topic with the goal of helping our members cut through the noise and truly get the information and the context they need to drive their businesses.

We cannot cover everything. So through our Verified Contributor Program, we empower our members, experts in their fields, to provide more and deeper analysis, and via our site, our members are able to customize and organize their feeds so they get the information they need the way they want.

Construction is like Chess: Use AI for Actionable Insights and Better Decisions

May 10, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms can provide a framework to evaluate the chaotic nature of a real-world jobsite. For example, an AI system can take vast lakes of incoming data and optimize millions of project scheduling options to give Project Managers better tools for making decisions. Join us on Wednesday, May 12th, […]

2021 BuiltWorlds Mavericks Presentations

Eight BuiltWorlds Session Recordings: Get to Know the BuiltWorlds 2021 Mavericks

May 8, 2021

This year’s 2021 BuiltWorlds Mavericks List is live, and we are as excited as ever to introduce the global built world ecosystem to a host of amazing entrepreneurs, industry leaders, technologists, educators, and influencers.  We look forward to meeting with and learning with many of this year and past year’s […]

Venture Forum Dinner with Startups 2020

Around The Network: Venture Forum & Venture + Pitch Event Provides an Open Window on the Hottest New Startups

May 4, 2021

We’re excited to be opening up our monthly Venture Forum Pitch Event to our Venture + members for the month of May. These events provide a deeper value proposition for the networks’ strategic investors and startups, alike. Our Venture Forum and Venture + members receive an in-depth look at some […]

Construction Blockchain Panel: Expert Insights on Aligning Stakeholders and Protecting Plans

May 3, 2021

Blockchain technology offers digital timestamps to protect revisions of data chunks in a safe, decentralized platform. For construction, this means having all stakeholders running off the same current information with traceability for all revisions made. Blockchain ensures truth in the database due to the decentralized nature of how it’s stored, […]

Around The Network: As US Infrastructure Spending Looms, Israeli Infrastructure Construction Technology Startup, Datumate, Enters the Fray

April 28, 2021

President Joe Biden’s recently announced 2 trillion dollar national infrastructure plan has put infrastructure at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds at the moment. With that, there is a golden opportunity to make innovative infrastructure construction technology (infratech) a key element to the massive and smaller projects that […]

Construction Robotics: Innovations to Seamlessly Integrate Jobsites to BIM Workspaces

April 26, 2021

As the construction industry struggles with labor shortages, robotics is bringing construction methods into the 21st century. This Wednesday, April 28th at 10 am CT, examine real-world applications of how job sites leverage robots with input from digital BIM spaces to succeed in complex construction activities. Call led by HILTI […]

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