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News is breaking in the built world every day. Unfortunately, without data, objectivity, or effective curation, it mostly ends up as noise. Enter the BuiltWorlds Weekly Analyst Briefings. Each week, our Analysts break down an important topic with the goal of helping our members cut through the noise and truly get the information and the context they need to drive their businesses.

We cannot cover everything. So through our Verified Contributor Program, we empower our members, experts in their fields, to provide more and deeper analysis, and via our site, our members are able to customize and organize their feeds so they get the information they need the way they want.

3D Printing Robotics

XtreeE Robotics: More than just a Construction 3D Printer

June 22, 2022

The BuiltWorlds EAME Summit Pre-event series kicked off with a visit to our friends and member company, XtreeE Robotics, where we met with Jean-Daniel Kuhn, Co-Founder and Managing Director for XtreeE – a 3D printing robotics company. XtreeE is helping construction companies create more sustainable structures and complete construction projects […]

Venture Briefing: 2022 Formwork Labs Cohort

June 20, 2022

Formwork Labs, a new venture accelerator in AEC (architecture, engineering, & construction), officially announced its Cohort picks on Friday (6/17) at BuiltWorld’s 2022 EAME Summit in Paris. Out of over 80 startup applicants, 5 well-positioned early-stage startups were chosen to be a part of Formwork Labs innovation-fueling accelerator program.  Formwork […]

AROUND THE NETWORK: Stanley X Appoints Michelle Bockman as President

June 16, 2022

STANLEY X, the innovation division of BuiltWorlds member Stanley Black & Decker officially announced last month that Michelle Bockman has been appointed President. STANLEY X pioneers solutions that address modern challenges across three verticals: Construction, Manufacturing and Workforce Technology. Bockman, hired in January, is leading company efforts to identify and build new sources of growth […]

Venture Trends: Sustainability & Profitability

June 14, 2022

The BuiltWorld’s venture investment community, which encompasses the leading innovators & legacy giants in the architecture, engineering & construction (AEC) space, has been exhibiting a noteworthy trend in deal-flows toward sustainability-focused startups. The AEC innovation ecosystem is thriving as FOMO-fueled VC & cash-rich strategic funds from leading construction/equipment/tech firms race […]

Understanding Jobsite Technology ROI Measurement

June 8, 2022

“On time and under budget.” This, along with many other similar phrases, has been repeated for longer than anybody can remember across the construction industry and on the jobsite. The one goal of every project is to be completed in the scheduled amount of time, costing the contractually agreed-upon amount. […]

AROUND THE NETWORK: BuiltWorlds Members AkitaBox and McKinstry Announce Partnership to Deliver Facility Condition Assessment Software Offering

June 1, 2022

BuiltWorlds members AkitaBox and McKinstry recently announced their partnership on delivering facility condition assessments (FCAs). AkitaBox FCA software will give architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) firms and building owners/operators a tool for conducting data collection, reporting, and other aspects of a complete FCA. “A partnership with McKinstry, a leader in designing, constructing, operating, […]

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