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With news making headlines every day in the built world, it can be easy for this information to be overwhelming without the aid of context, data, objectivity, or effective curation. Instead of spending hours of your day researching the news yourself, we do the hard work for you. Here at BuiltWorlds, we regularly write Analyst Briefings to help filter through and break down these topics.

Since we cannot cover everything, our Verified Contributor Program empowers members to submit detailed analyses in their field of expertise, which are then added to our website.  As a result, our members are able to customize and organize their feeds so they get the information they need, in the way they want it.

AROUND THE NETWORK: Haskell’s Dysruptek Makes Strategic Investment in Rhumbix

November 9, 2022

BuiltWorlds member Rhumbix recently announced a strategic investment from Dysruptek, the innovation and technology investment arm of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firm and fellow BuiltWorlds member The Haskell Company. “The construction sector is facing significant headwinds in the form of labor shortages and supply chain volatility, and it’s […]

AROUND THE NETWORK: Mortenson Partners With Orteco To Produce Robotic Equipment For Solar Energy Construction

November 2, 2022

BuiltWorlds member Mortenson Construction’s Solar Energy Team announced last month that it has partnered with Orteco, an Italian-based OEM, to develop robotic equipment to advance the construction of solar energy installations. The new GPS-enabled pile distribution system can operate autonomously to precisely position piles across utility-scale solar sites during construction. […]

AROUND THE NETWORK: Bouygues Completes $6B+ Acquisition of Equans

October 26, 2022

Bouygues Group, the French industrial conglomerate whose American subsidiary Winnovation is a BuiltWorlds member, recently completed the acquisition of Equans, a key milestone in its development. Thanks to this transaction, Bouygues becomes a world leader in the promising multi-technical services market which is at the heart of the environmental, industrial […]

Brick & Mortar Ventures Leads Gearflow’s $5.5M Pre-Series A Round: A ConTech Stud

October 24, 2022

Gearflow, a Chicago-Based equipment parts market platform, managed to raise a $5.5M pre-Series A round amid one of the toughest venture fundraising environments in recent history, as value-ripping rate hikes push most VCs to the sideline. Many startups are treading water right now, with the easy money received in 2021 […]

AROUND THE NETWORK: Simpson Strong-Tie Involved in the US’s First Multi-Story 3D Printed House

October 19, 2022

The 4,000-square foot project showcases the possibilities of 3D printing technology, mass customization, and design solutions that integrate conventional construction methods. With a hybridized construction method that combines concrete 3D printing with wood framing, this approach allows the two material systems to be used strategically and aims to increase the […]

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Ten Analyst Call Recordings Examine Major Sub Topics, Trends, Players in the Building Tech Sector

October 17, 2022

Through our regular Buildings Analyst Calls, we have helped our members explore many of the major topics of change that we collectively categorize as Building Tech. Those topics include: Digitization of the Planning and Design phases of projects. Digital Tools for identifying and sourcing sustainable materials. Innovation in Building Products […]

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