Sharing With BuiltWorlds: FAQs

Growing up in the era of digital media, BuiltWorlds was about two way communications from the very beginning. People found us online, not only because they wanted to learn with us, but also because they wanted to share, learn from each other, and get to know one another.

BuiltWorlds quickly became a community, and that is how our network membership model evolved. Our goal has always been to work with our community to create a high integrity and value place where leading professionals from all corners of the industry and around the world can meet each other, learn from one another, and do business with one another.

We have learned over years that earning and keeping our community's trust while delivering on this goal requires a delicate balance. Here are answers to some questions about how we maintain that balance.

  • If I am Not a Member, Can I Still Speak At BuiltWorlds?
    • Absolutely! We look far and wide to bring the most interesting and compelling speakers to our analyst calls, conferences, and other programming. You don't have to be a member, and you definitely don't have to be a sponsor. All you have to do is apply - BuiltWorlds Speaker Application. Invited Speakers at conferences are typically also provided a free pass to join us for the entire conference, and we encourage all speakers to do so, as a further opportunity for our members to meet them.
  • If I do Become a Member, Do I Get to Speak on a Call or at an Event?
    • Our first priority is helping our members learn. However, BuiltWorlds is a network, and our members are industry professionals who often have significant areas of expertise. They also appreciate meeting the other members - if they are properly introduced. So, while we never guarantee speaking opportunities, we are always looking for opportunities to help our members get to know each other in a way that they learn from each other at the same time. So, if you are a member, and you have expertise to share, be sure to complete the expertise portion of you member profiles. That helps our analysts find you when they are looking for subject matter experts.
  • Our Company Produces Great Thought Leadership. Can We Share it On BuiltWorlds?
    • Yes! Our writing is strictly our own, and we work hard to ensure that every word of it brings value to our members. However, our members are some of the industry's most compelling thought leaders, and we can't cover everything. So, we've created a Verified Contributor Program to provide a curated way for our members to share their own thought leadership  under the contributor banner. Because this thought leadership goes directly to our Analyst Briefing Feed, we require it to be unbranded and individually contributed by Members.
    • Members can also post news about their companies as well as branded resources on their company pages as another way to share. When they post news to their company pages that news also posts in our in-app announcements to network members. For Enterprise Members, that branded content will also be shared in our "Around the Network" feeds in our newsletters and in social.
  • Is There Anything We Can Sponsor at BuiltWorlds?
    • Yes.To ensure members learn the most they can and get the best connections they can get without the confusing noise and annoying distractions that sometimes come from sponsorships, we are currently limiting those opportunities to a small number of spots at our major conferences and events where we can create clear and discreet opportunities that we find work well for companies that want to align their brands with BuiltWorlds and also for our members. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, reach out to
  • How Much Does it Cost To Present at Demo Day?
    • It is free! Our Venture Forum picks presenters at Demo Day, and we don't require presenters to pay. Aspiring presenters for public and private demo days can apply here - Corporate Venture Forum. Additionally, member companies and their portfolio companies can post out their deals on our deal board.
  • What About Top Lists? Are Those "Pay to Play?"
    • Again, there is no cost to be on a top list. We feature member companies and non member companies because our lists are meant to further learning for our community. We are also increasingly populating our top lists based on the solutions cited by our members via our BuiltWorlds Benchmarking Program. We do link member listings to company pages where members can post promotional content about their companies, though.
  • How Else Does BuiltWorlds Help Us Meet the Other Members?
    • As people say about college, BuiltWorlds is very much a place where, once you become a member, you get out what you put in. Members can populate their company directory pages with rich content and resources to help other members - and also non members - learn about them. They also can create their individual profiles with photos and bios in the member directory, and see those thumbnails show up in the directory as well as with every event they attend, place they speak, forum they join, place they post, a piece of content they contribute. We love introducing members to members, and staying active within the network is the most organic way to help us make that happen.
  • Will You Introduce Us to the Members We Want to Meet?
    • We are respectful of giving our members control over who they meet. Any member can request to connect with any other member via the directory. Typically, if you just spoken or otherwise met via a live or digital event, or contribute thought leadership, that creates a good opportunity for people to follow up and connect. We are much more likely to find the right opportunity to get you into the same room or into the mind of someone you want to meet, and then from there, it is up to you and them to follow up.
  • Can We Get the List of Who is Coming to an Event or on a Call, or Attended an Event or Call?
    • Yes! We always want to help our members connect, and so we generally make it easy to see which members are participating in or have participated in both live and digital events. So, you can always click through their profiles, learn more about them, and connect with them.  However, we do not provide email lists, or emails or phone numbers of our members to other members or sponsors without prior permission from the members.
  • Can't We Just Go to One Conference, Attend One Analyst Call, or Download One Report?
    • Our vision for BuiltWorlds is for it truly to be a community where our members have the opportunity to get to know one another and also explore and learn about our topics of inquiry together as part of a program and as cohorts in learning. In that light, too many one time participants can be detrimental to that communal experience.
    • That said, we do provide small number of tickets for purchase to our Conferences and Summits when we are able, although it is never guaranteed because we put our network members first.
    • We do understand that many in the community may not be able to afford memberships. So, we  do work together with our members to produce many "OPEN COMMUNITY EVENTS."  These Analyst Calls, Meetups, and other events are free of charge and open to our broader "freemium" subscriber community, as they are made possible by added support from our members in the form of sponsorship.
  • Why Do We Have to Pay For a Membership When So Much Content And So Many Webinars Online Are Free?  
    • Because We Provide Programs and Content that Truly Serve Our Members' Needs First. Asking all members to pay to support the overall network is the best way to ensure the integrity of the network and to support our mission of consistent, independent, quality learning and networking.


For more information on learning and sharing opportunities with BuiltWorlds, take a look at the BuiltWorlds Network page. You can also find membership options there. If you'd like to join, we would be glad to add you to the network. You can also reach out to us at, if you have more questions. We'd love to help you get engaged.