The BuiltWorlds Member Directory

Member and Speaker Profiles and the Member Directory are exclusively accessible to members.

A key member benefit, the member directory is central to BuiltWorlds' online networking resources. Members can load bios and pictures so that other members can more easily learn about them. Members can also connect with other members, exchange contact information, direct message, and follow each other to see what upcoming events they are attending.

To help members get to know each other, member profiles are also pinned to pages where members speak, contribute thought leadership, or are nominated to the Mavericks and other lists, as well as when members are mentioned on BuiltWorlds. Additionally, Members' profiles can be found on the lists of registered attendees for events and calls so that other members can find them easily and connect with them. Member profiles also appear on the member's associated company page. It is all part of our effort to help our members learn about and network with one another in a live, interactive and authentic way.


With hundreds of members like these...

Guillaume Bazouin
Guillaume Bazouin

Paula Dobrowolska
Paula Dobrowolska

Henning Roedel

Todd Mercer

Vivin Hegde

Tom Scarangello
Thornton Tomasetti

Willl Longsworth Barton Malow
Will Longsworth
Barton Malow

Joshua Cheney Autodesk
Joshua Cheney

Kurt Karnatz ESD
Kurt Karnatz

Jit Kee Chin Suffolk
Jit Kee Chin

Travis Voss Mechanical Inc
Travis Voss
Mechanical Inc