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Analyst Call–Building Tech: Sustainability in Perspective

The 2023 Buildings Conference, hosted by BuiltWorlds this past May, highlighted the significance of sustainability and its influence within the AEC space. This analyst call continues the momentum by delving into the results of BuiltWorlds’ Annual Sustainability Report and the Building Tech Survey and Report. It also features the extensive […]

2023 Buildings Conference Keynote: Michael Ellch, SVP, Related Midwest

Watch the keynote presentation that kicked off the 2023 Buildings Conference this past May from Fulton Market in Chicago, IL.  Michael Ellch, SVP, Related Midwest takes the audience through some of the most exciting Chicago Developments Related Midwest has on their radar including a brand new development right in the […]

BuiltWorlds Session: Leila Banijamali, CEO, Symbium

Leila Banijamali, CEO of Symbium sat down at our recent 2023 Buildings Conference to talk through some of the things going on around her business that she’s most looking forward to and excited about. Symbium, which was founded in 2018, is a company that allows for builders to interact directly […]

Demo Drop Symbium

Demo Drop: Symbium

From our 2023 Buildings Conference, watch as Leila Banijamali, CEO of Symbium gives the winning presentation from the early-stage startups portion of the competition. Symbium has launched the Citizen’s Dashboard to streamline citizen-to-government interactions, starting with home improvement and decarbonization projects. The Citizen’s Dashboard enables users to browse information about […]

Analyst Call, Project Management ERP and BI

Analyst Call–Project Management, ERP, BI

The last analyst call of May discussed project management and data standardization and explored the data handover process and BIM accessibility for different stakeholders within a project. Sean Wrenn, a Research Analyst at BuiltWorlds, moderated the call that featured three guest speakers: Reggie Arichabala, CTO and Co-Founder of Riskcast; Ankit […]

Demo Drop: Incentifind

Watch our Demo Drop from the innovative startup Incentifind. IncentiFind is a dynamic startup that revolutionizes the way businesses engage with their customers through personalized incentives. By harnessing the power of data analytics and machine learning, IncentiFind offers a cutting-edge platform that helps companies deliver targeted rewards and incentives to […]