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Analyst Calls & Session Videos

Analyst Calls are BuiltWorlds webinars bringing expert individuals within our network straight to your computer. Engage with upcoming speakers and thought leaders while gaining insights on pressing tech trends in the built industries. These 1-hour webinars and conference panel sessions are a great way for your team to take full advantage of your BuiltWorlds Membership without leaving the office.

2020 Venture Conference – Lessons from Veteran Entrepreneurs

It pays to have experience when leading early stage technology startups, especially in such a specialized sector as Construction. In this session we’ll gain insights from successful & seasoned entrepreneurs. They’ll share their successes, struggles, and key lessons learned from their time in the sector.

March Robotics and Advanced Equipment Call

Walker Harris, President at Williams Robotics, gives us an inside look at how they are using robotics in their factory and Henning Roedel, Innovation Leader at DPR Construction, joins forces with Philipp Herget, CTO at Dusty Robotics, to deliver a case study on their pilot project together.

Case Studies: DRP Construction and Dusty Robotics

Henning Roedel, Western Region Innovation Leader at DPR Construction, and Phil Herget, Co-Founder and CTO at Dusty Robotics, come together in this presentation to deliver a case study of their partnership on a residence hall project for UC Davis.

Robots for Homebuilding

Walker Harris, President at Williams Robotics, gives us an inside look at how they are using robotics in their factories to quickly, and accurately, construct wood framed walls.

Use Cases in Modular and Prefabrication Software

Roger Krulak, CEO at FullStack Modular, dives into the software they use in house and is joined by Andrew Xue, COO at Offsight, to speak on how they have implemented Offsight’s factory-ready project management software into their process. 

March Modularization and Prefabrication Call

More construction is taking place offsite. Modularity allows for faster onsite installation and reduced construction costs – with the right software approach, particularly in logistics. Hear from Britton Langdon (CEO, MSUITE), Roger Krulak (CEO, FullStack Modular) and Andrew Xue (COO, Offsight) in their presentations on the software side of modularization and prefabrication.