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Analyst Calls & Session Videos

Analyst Calls are BuiltWorlds webinars bringing expert individuals within our network straight to your computer. Engage with upcoming speakers and thought leaders while gaining insights on pressing tech trends in the built industries. These 1-hour webinars and conference panel sessions are a great way for your team to take full advantage of your BuiltWorlds Membership without leaving the office.

BuiltWorlds Smart Job Sites Call

September Smart Jobsites Call: Advances in Schedule Controls

This call explored the advances made in the interface between project management & modelling technologies and how that connection is driving efficiency, safety, and risk mitigation.  Dave, Chris, & Brooks also examined some of the types of technology on the market and the opportunities and challenges associated with each of them.

Openspace Demo Drop

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – Openspace

  Openspace OpenSpace offers photo documentation which is automatically pinned to plan location with AI. About the Demo Drops Weekly Demo Drops are sponsored by BuiltWorlds Venture Forum (BVF).  BVF brings together action-oriented GCs, engineering firms, and other strategic players in the construction sector that share in the belief that […]

September Venture Call: Pilot Programs – Lessons Learned & Keys to Successful Implementation

In an ideal scenario, pilot programs should be mutually beneficial experiences that help startups accelerate meaningful growth, and inform contractors of their organization’s receptiveness to change. In this call, hear from contractors and startups that have recently worked together on an overview of their product, their program format, length, users, and the lessons learned along the way.

BuiltWorlds Demo Drop Ipsum

BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – IPSUM

IPSUM is a web and mobile app that helps construction companies implement lean construction techniques with BIM methodologies to prevent delays, avoid cost overruns, and plan projects more efficiently. IPSUM empowers workers in the field, increases compliance, generates analytics, and creates automatic reports to keep projects on track.

2020 Project Delivery Conference: Process Management with Aviv Leibovici, buildots

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 2) Session Recording – Process Management Session Overview:  Not only is technology changing how we execute our work: it’s influencing how construction professionals can manage their projects. Learn how construction executives are leveraging new solutions to make the office and the field feel closer than […]

2020 Project Delivery Conference, DPR’s Charlie Dunn, Digital Twin Visualization is our Superpower: Planning with a Time Machine

2020 Project Delivery Conference (Day 1) Session Recording – Digital Twin Visualization is our Superpower: Planning with a Time Machine Speakers: Charlie Dunn, Project Storyteller, DPR Construction Session Overview:  The benefits of utilizing digital twin and visualization technology in pre-construction have been well-documented. Namely, enhanced collaboration opportunities between project stakeholders […]