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Buildings Conference 2021: What’s New in Modular Building Technology? MSuite, Hercuwall, and MCL Construction

In this session, Britton Langdon leads an esteem panel on a discussion around the new technologies that are impacting modular building today and how exactly they are being applied to the processes.

Utilizing Blockchain Technologies

To ensure the integrity of the information (what is stored, who made recent changes, when recent updates were made, etc.), blockchain technology stores all the information in a peer-to-peer network (P2P).

Smart and Sustainable Buildings Panel

Sustainable materials are at the core of future construction. The ability to bring new innovations can lead to improved building efficiencies, waste reduction, and cost savings. We explored smart building products that promote building wellness.

Robotics Automation

With an increasing focus on worker safety, condensed project schedules, and industry-wide worker shortages, developers and contractors find more value in having robots accomplish workstreams alongside contractors.

Meet Jailbot!

Hilti’s semi-automated drilling robot Jaibot is taking construction automation to the next level, with significant jobsite productivity gains. Using digital plans, Jaibot marks and drills holes and relieves contractors’ strenuous and monotonous overhead drilling tasks. The process permits them to improve construction operations by guiding the construction robot.   Presenter […]

Robot Ready BIM

In this session, we discuss innovation initiatives in BIM to make robots enabled by BIM deliver substantial savings on projects, make sites safer, and to contribute to the digital lifecycle.