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From Blueprint to Reality: AI’s Impact on Preconstruction – Analyst Call

Our December 6th Analyst Call  heard industry experts delve into the promise and potential for artificial intelligence for preconstruction in the AEC industry. We saw how AI-driven solutions are revolutionizing site selection, cost estimation, and design optimization, offering unparalleled insights and efficiency gains.

2023 Tokyo Summit: Corporate and Institutional Venture Asia

Corporate and Institutional Venture Asia Venture capitalists in the industry continue to expand their view globally as innovative solutions continue to be developed all over the world. During this panel, investors in the built world provided insights into their specific view of the APAC region, and how that may differ […]

Skyline Cockpit

Demo Drop: Skyline Cockpit

Zachi Flatto, CEO & Co-Founder of Skyline Cockpit delivers his Demo Presentation at the 2023 Paris Demo Night Competition hosted at the Le Meurice hotel this past June. Skyline Cockpit is a company that allows tower crane operators to remotely control the crane operations at job sites from a safe […]

2023 Venture East: Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Project Planning & Productivity

Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Project Planning & Productivity Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a central topic of nearly every conversation surrounding innovation. AI is a topic that can’t be ignored — which is why we are addressed the elephant in the room out of the gates in Miami. This […]

Exploring Innovations and Sustainability in Building Materials – Analyst Call

Overview On our November 29th Analyst Call we were joined by 3 representatives from unique startups looking to transition cost-effectives, sustainability, and high performance into building materials. Each was given an opportunity to present their specific solution to issues that have long plagued many industries as they try to figure […]

2023 Americas Summit: What is the Future of Modular Construction?

Lightning Round III: What is the Future of Modular in Construction? With a growing desire to remove variables, contractors, manufacturers, and the like are looking for controlled, offsite environments to safely standardize as many processes as possible. With modular construction becoming commonplace, the industry is trying to determine best practices […]