2024 Offsite Construction Conference

December, 2024 // Location TBA


12.1.2024 - 12.31.2024

In response to the promise of Offsite Construction as identified through BuiltWorlds' 2023 Benchmarking Program, BuiltWorlds is pleased to announce that in December 2024, we will be launching our first standalone Offsite Construction event!

Pioneering contractors, engineers, designers, and material providers/suppliers will converge to discuss all things offsite construction. Attendees can expect engaging panel sessions, networking opportunities, and other presentations, all fueled by leading experts in the arena.

Stay tuned for more details, programming information, and location of the event. If you are interested in sponsorship or speaking opportunities, please reach out to research@builtworlds.com  for more information.

2024 Speakers

The speaker list for this event will be posted shortly.

Offsite Construction Agenda

More information coming soon. . .

Day 1 Schedule

Event Overview

More information to come soon. Members of BuitWorlds Research Tracks can expect private, small-group working sessions prior to the start of the general sessions. 

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