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About Our Conferences & Topics:


Whether we’re planning a city or neighborhood, developing skyscrapers and buildings, designing an airport, building a bridge, or otherwise, we think about our work in terms of projects. And it’s no secret that the process of planning and executing our projects has been forever altered by emerging technology (hello drones, IoT, advanced software, A.I./machine learning). At Projects, we offer the playbook you need to deliver faster, better, and more affordable projects.


  • Project Software Communication
  • Safety
  • Project Case Studies
  • Innovation Culture


    GC’s and Construction Executives
    As the professionals in charge of executing large-scale building projects, it’s up to them to make sure their company is using the most relevant technology to run an efficient, collaborative job site. Our slate of speakers and technology experts will introduce them to the latest technologies and softwares that can make this happen.

    VDCs, Project Managers, & Field Managers
    As the true leaders in the creation of technology products that impact our building processes, these individuals must find creative ways to integrate solutions into the field. That starts with understanding the different technology options available to them on the market, where to start when implementing these solutions, and how to get executives to buy into investing in new tech.

    Real Estate Developers and Owners
    They’re in charge of the maintenance and operations of buildings (which project management plays a crucial role in) and are the decision makers investing in new technology. Understanding the full landscape of industry trends, evolving standards, and end-user needs is crucial for them and the Projects Conferences gives them that chance.


    The built world has a major workforce dilemma. An aging workforce, an ongoing labor shortage, a lack of understanding about how to attract millennials, and a reluctance to adopt technology are all contributing factors. At Future Workforce Conferences, we feature 20+ experts in recruiting and HR in AEC/RE to talk about how to solve our industry’s workforce dilemma once and for all. We feature specific front-line case studies of successful recruiting tactics from industry leaders, interactive breakout sessions to get to the ‘core’ of your workforce issues and networking to help you meet like-minded senior leaders who are exploring similar solutions.


  • Labor Shortage
  • Professional Development
  • Hiring the Next Generation
  • Inclusion and Diversity


    Human Resources Executives, Managers, and Recruiters
    Discover innovative solutions to your most business-critical workforce problems directly from the experts.

    Human Resource Outsourcing (HROs) Organizations
    Learn what specific problems your clients are facing and uncover unique business opportunities.

    Universities and Professional Development Firms
    Hear straight from senior executives what critical labor shortages they are facing and uncover how to position your students and clients to fill them.

    C-Suite Executives
    People are your largest cost, hopefully your greatest asset and potentially your largest liability. Discover how a strong workforce strong can lead to an even stronger business.

    Buildings 2.0 Conferences

    Sensor-enabled smart buildings that know when they need cleaning, heating or cooling. Buildings that harness rainwater, use less and recycle more. Resiliency buildings that withstand disaster. These are just some of the examples of how A.I., machine learning, IoT, and other emerging technologies have infiltrated our buildings. Features like these are incredible and promising, with the potential to improve the environment, the longevity of the building, and the lifestyle of the end user. The problem? These technologies aren’t necessarily easy — or inexpensive — to implement.


  • Technology in Residential Buildings
  • Energy Management
  • Technology in Commercial Buildings
  • Supertall Buildings


    Architects + Engineers
    As the people conceptualizing the buildings of the future, they’ll learn from our panels of experts about the trends and technologies they’ll need to account for as they design.

    Real Estate Owners + Developers
    They have the land and they have the risk. At Buildings 2.0, they’ll learn the challenges they need to tackle to transform their real estate portfolio into buildings of the future.

    Buildings Operations + Maintenance
    They’re the final decision makers of investing in new technology and need to understand the full landscape of industry trends, standards, and end-user needs to evolve their buildings into buildings of the future.

    As a leader in creation of technology products that impact our buildings, they must find creative ways to integrate their solution into the world’s buildings.


    Venture Conferences are full-day premium events exploring venture investment in the AEC and real estate space, exclusively for invited guests and BuiltWorlds Venture Forum members. We gather the world’s foremost industry experts in venture capital and built world tech to show you the current landscape of venture in the built world, analyze the tech trends that we predict will turn into widespread adoption, and hear from startup darlings who’ve secured significant funding and carved out a market niche in our industry. At Venture, we target executives of venture firms, the CEOs of cutting-edge startups, and the leaders of AEC and real estate venture arms from major corporations.


  • Investment from Seed Stage to Growth Capital
  • Disruptive Trends
  • Corporate Innovation Programs and Investments


    Startup CEOs
    They’ve got an amazing new technology that will revolutionize the built industry. They have vision, energy, grit, and a great business plan. They’re only missing one thing – cash.

    Executives of Venture Firms
    They are taking the pulse of the industry, scanning the room for the next technology that will make it BIG. They know how to get a business off the ground and bring in major cash.

    Leaders of Corporate Innovation Programs and Investment Groups
    They see that technology is constantly changing. At any second, a new trend could disrupt their business. They need to stay ahead of the curve and make sure they are in control of industry changes. They know that the best way to dominate the industry is to invest in cutting-edge tech.


    We’ve been hearing for years about the enormous infrastructure needs facing cities, that cities are “disrupt-able” and ripe for change. But what’s often left out of the conversation is how to capitalize on it. The Cities Conferences are full-day premium events that will help you make sense of the crucial changes coming to our cities, including transit, waste, water, energy, buildings, and social infrastructure. And our speakers don't present “pie-in-the-sky” ideas. Instead, they show off real case studies from successful cities around the world with real takeaways for your next project.


  • Digital Urban Planning
  • Iconic Projects
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Real Estate Development


    Urban Planners & Architects
    As the people conceptualizing the cities of the future, they’ll learn from our panels of experts about the trends and technologies they’ll need to account for as they design.

    City Officials
    As the people in charge of running the cities of today, they need to understand the problems they face as their cities evolve and grow. They’ll learn from industry influencers about how they can work with built players to solve city-scale problems and start building the cities of tomorrow today.

    They have the land and they have the risk. At Cities, they’ll learn the challenges they need to tackle to transform their real estate portfolio into a profitable future city.

    They will discover the city-level trends that are shaping construction to effectively help them win contracting pitches for cities of the future.


    The Machines Conference explores the evolution of tools, equipment, and machinery. From fabrication to the field. We gather the world’s foremost experts in construction technology to explore the deeper trends and technologies that are creating smarter tools, equipment, gear, machinery, and components for designers and builders. We target construction executives, senior level engineers and field professionals, technology/robotics/automation professionals who are determining the future of construction machinery.


  • Tools, Tools, Tools
  • Modularization/Prefab
  • Concrete and 3D Printing
  • Integrating Data From Machines
  • Demolition & Drones


    Construction Executives
    They make sure that their portfolio of construction projects is run efficiently and affordably. They make the final call about which new technologies to invest in order to grow. Machines will give them unique insight into the full landscape of construction tools, equipment, machinery, and associated processes.

    Senior Field Professionals, Engineers, Architects
    As a professional in charge of executing on the end product, they are greatly impacted by the enormous changes affecting the preconstruction, design and build processes.

    Technology/Robotics/Data/ioT professionals
    As a leader in the creation of technology products that impact our construction sites, they must find creative ways to integrate their solutions into construction processes and make connections that help grow your product’s awareness.

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    A Chance to Educate & Give Back

    All BuiltWorlds events feature an educational component unmatched by other industry organizations. We bring in the most respected thought leaders to help business leaders learn strategic ways to position their business for success. This is a way you or your company can ‘pay it forward’ and offer important advice to future industry leaders.



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