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Innovations in Sustainable Concrete

Design professionals and city planners are pushing to find the best sustainable building materials for projects. The EPA notes that commercial and residential buildings account for over 11% of CO2 emissions; green building practices are advancing quickly – choosing the best sustainable materials is a key component to a successful project.

New Business Models in Modular Construction

In this session, Dave Hettinger leads an esteem panel of executives from within the modular building realm to discuss some of today’s new and innovative business models.

Building the 21st Century: Technology’s Impact on the Construction Workforce

Technology has rapidly changed during our lifetimes. A calculator, novel, CD player, and computer now fit neatly within our pockets in the form of a smartphone. Technology revolutionized the landscape for factories, travel agencies, banks, and taxis. What impact will technology have on construction?

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BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – Abagy

Abagy is a software provider in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) space. Abagy is focusing on the high mix/low volume manufacturing market (initially welding, cutting and painting) consisting of 200,000+ manufacturers.

The Supply Chain of Modularization

Supply chain management programs have been particularly difficult to deploy within commercial construction, largely due to varied local building codes, unique project requirements, difficulty in creating reusable and scalable standard designs and details, a highly fragmented labor force, and a decentralized project site assembly model

Optimizing the Use of Real-Time Data

AI will force us to rethink how we approach decision-making in construction. Several disrupters, from AI to robotics, additive manufacturing to IoT, will change the way we build.