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Buildings ’21 Conference: Integrating the Supply Chain in Planning

We invite you to an engaging discussion to interactively discover successful strategies that can lead to the digital transformation of construction in the built environment, and the integration of digital inputs and management controls for the supply chain to impact planning and delivery.

Touchless Secure Access and Virtual Queueing Systems

Touchless technology is now synonymous with hygiene & health. Good2Go’s advanced no-touch access platform helps everyone feel more confident returning to businesses & buildings through smart access, real-time digital credentials, and virtual queueing.

Healthy Buildings Starts With Reevaluating Building Operations

Building Operators hold a key to achieving healthy buildings. But it requires us to rethink how buildings are funded, operated, and maintained.

Returning to “Healthy” Buildings

In this session, we take a look at how tenant health concerns are continuing to be addressed as we move into the post-pandemic phase of building operations and maintenance.

Case Study in Zero Carbon Building

What does it take to deliver the world’s first net zero carbon arena? In this session, we’ll hear from the project team at Modern Niagara and the Canada Green Building Council who accomplished exactly that

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BuiltWorlds Venture Forum Demo Drop – T2D2

T2D2 (the Thornton Tomasetti Damage Detector) uses artificial intelligence to detect and categorize damage and defects – including cracks, spalls, corrosion and more – by analyzing images and video. T2D2 has been trained using thousands of images taken during structural and façade inspections. The app’s geolocalization module maps detected damage to a 3D model of the structure.