Verified Contributor Program

Submit Content. Get Published.

With a growing member network of companies spanning the AEC industry, BuiltWorlds provides a vibrant community of innovative and disruptive thinkers evolving the built industry. The BuiltWorlds Verified Contributor Program is a chance for our Enterprise and Strategic Members to demonstrate their thought leadership and professional credentials as it relates to best practices in technology adoption. By contributing, your white papers and articles will be in front of our influential, engaged and forward-thinking community.

We want to hear from you, and give your thought leadership a home.

How it works: 

  • BuiltWorlds Enterprise and Strategic Members submit their content to the BuiltWorlds Analyst Team
  • Once the Analyst Team approves three (3) pieces, the Member company will effectively be Verified, and BuiltWorlds will begin publishing the content that fits our guidelines directly onto our website
    • All submitted content will be subject to review by a BuiltWorlds analyst to deem whether it will be published as a contributor article on BuiltWorlds’ website; we will not edit pieces
  • The BuiltWorlds team will promote published content on social media and include pieces in the Community Newsletter.
  • BuiltWorlds plays the role of curation, meaning we will determine if the piece fits within the Verified Contributor Program guidelines
  • The content will either be:
    • Approved to be published
    • Not be approved for publish. If the content is denied, you are always welcome to post the piece on your company’s profile page (Members Only)
  • The author of approved and posted content will receive credit as the author and reference to the author’s profile page and Company Profile Page will be linked to the post.


  • As a contributor, you must be a registered BuiltWorlds user, and your company must be in the Member Network (at the Enterprise or Strategic level) with an active, completed profile page
  • All content must come from a named individual; no anonymous submissions will be accepted, and no content written by a PR or marketing department will be accepted
  • All content must be free of factual errors, misinformation, and obscenity
  • All content must be void of company advertisements & press releases, pitches, or brand-centric material
    • We welcome whitepapers, research reports, articles, and other pieces of thought-leadership (no videos)
  • All content must include an appropriate thumbnail photo
  • All content must be an original work and/or owned by the submitting entities


  1. Under no circumstances will BuiltWorlds, or any individuals associated with BuiltWorlds be held liable for any material submitted and published on the company’s website. That being said, we will remove any offensive, violating, or illegal content from our website upon request and inspection.
  2. By submitting a copy for publication, you guarantee that you are the original copyright holder for the work, and you have legal rights to the work in question. We have no legal liability regarding copyright claims and will remove offending articles upon being advised.
  3. We reserve the right to accept, reject, or remove any material from our website without explanation.
  4. With the submission of materials, you grant BuiltWorlds a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide license to re-publish said work in print and electronic form.
  5. Any content deemed racist, defamatory, or otherwise offensive will not be approved for publication and/or may be removed from the site.