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Diesel generators are everywhere. From construction sites to data centres – even providing backup power to wind farms – diesel remains the most reliable and secure way for businesses to access the power they need, when they need it. This necessity for energy security is stalling the net-zero transition.

At IPG Energy, we’re committed to tackling this. We’re a climate-tech company working with the construction industry to demonstrate that our clean, fuel-agnostic renewable generator is the solution for accelerating the transition to green fuels in hard-to-abate sectors.

Backed by academic institutions, government agencies and pioneering manufacturing and commercial partners, our founding team came
together with our patented Flameless Combustion technology to deliver a fuel-agnostic generator to guarantee access to clean, on-demand power from any fuel, in any industry, anywhere.

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London, United Kingdom
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Electrical, Energy Products, Sustainability


The IPG Flameless Generator | How it works

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The IPG Flameless Generator by IPG Energy

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